Greenway Solutions introduces new green, organic, heat transfer fluid – Hydromx

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Greenway Solutions is proud to introduce a new green, organic, heat transfer fluid called Hydromx. Hydromx energy saving solution reduces energy cost up to 35% on your bills. Nano-particles within Hydromx increase thermal conductivity within the fluid thus out performing water and glycol used in all closed-loop heating and cooling systems. Yes Hydromx replaces Glycol. Hydromx offers the same freeze protection and corrosion inhibitors as glycol without the 15%-20% energy penalty. GWS has a money back guarantee of a at least 20% energy savings for Hydromx. Hydromx also doesn’t expand when frozen, so you will never have to worry about bursting pipes or cracked pumps. I am reaching out manufacturer reps to discuss Hydromx, we offer a 10% commission. We have many real life test results on Hydromx which have shown a reduction on energy cost (oil, gas, electric..etc) between 30%-35% this winter and because of Hydromx’s superior heat transfer performance the owners will have a return on investment within 1 full year of heating or 2 heating seasons (based on 4000 HDD). Attached is product information regarding Hydromx. Within the past year Hydromx has been stocked in plumbing and HVAC supply houses from New York to Alaska. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting to see a demonstration of Hydromx as well as receive literature please call me anytime. 

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