Grundfos Uses WEFTEC 2015 to Highlight Chicago-Area Manufacturing Center and Local Production of S-Line of Wastewater Pumps

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The Grundfos S-Line of energy-efficient wastewater pumps are now locally assembled at the company’s Illinois-based Water Utility Competency Center, alongside other Grundfos brands, such as Yeomans®, Morris®, Chicago® and Sewer Chewer®.

Grundfos will showcase the submersible wastewater pumps at the 2015 WEFTEC Annual Technical Exhibition, booth 1026, held September 26-30 in Chicago.

The manufacturing center located in Aurora, Illinois, is a 105,000-square-foot facility devoted exclusively to the production, servicing and distribution of pumps and other equipment for the municipal wastewater treatment market throughout North America.

“By centralizing our wastewater engineering, production, assembly and servicing resources at the Aurora Water Utility Center, we’ve been able to provide municipal customers with faster lead times and accelerated new-product development,” explains Thomas Morrrison, Vice President of Sales for the Grundfos Municipal Water & Wastewater business unit. “As a North American supplier, we engineer, manufacture, sell and service products that are unique to this market, including those that happen to be produced overseas at the present time.”

Since 2008, Grundfos has invested more than $50 million in municipal water-related activities in the United States, including acquisitions, increased production and infrastructure, information systems and product launches.

The global market leader hopes to differentiate itself in the $2 billion North American municipal water arena by building on the strength of its growing portfolio of highly engineered, energy-efficient pump systems.

The Grundfos line of SL submersible wastewater pumps are designed to handle raw, unscreened sewage, effluent, large volumes of surface water and process water in municipal, utility and industrial applications. The solids-handing pump series, in motor ranges from 1.5 to 15 horsepower (HP), is available with two types of impellers:

  • SLV/SuperVortex Impeller: This pump type provides the free passage of solids up to four inches in diameter, making it ideal for liquids with a content of solids, fibers or gassy sludge.
  • SL1/S Tube Impeller: This pump type also accommodates solids up to four inches, but is designed particularly for large flows of raw sewage.

The SLV and SL1 pumps are designed for permanent submerged installation in demanding applications, such as municipal wastewater, network pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, public buildings, housing projects and other commercial applications.

The series is designed with IE3 premium efficiency motor components, quick removable pump housing clamps, cartridges seals, quick removable plug in cord, and smooth exterior components for high-efficiency performance along with an easy-to-service pump.

For technical details, see the product page.

NOTE: Product is available throughout North America.

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