Hilti Multi-Line Laser PM 30-MG

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Hilti’s newest laser entry into the cordless layout and measurement category comes with proven tech in a robust package.

There is no shortage of line lasers on the market today. The PM 30-MG cordless multi-line laser from Hilti is 360 degree green beam laser powered by their Li-Ion B 12/2.6 battery.

I have been working with the PM 30 Hilti laser for a couple months, primarily using it for simple layout and leveling in different tasks like panel radiator installs or boiler piping layouts. I’ve used both the included wall mount bracket and magnetic base. The PM 30-MG has a very useful fine adjustment dial at the base that makes for quick alignment when rotated either direction.

Hilti PM-30MG radiator layout

Bracket alignment for hydronic panel radiators.

The Hilti PM 30-MG is intended for indoor use

Hilti has other laser models intended for outdoor use but as stated in the manual the PM 30-MG can be used outside if conditions are dry (manual pg 5, sec 3.2). Its intended use is to allow a single person to transfer right angles, level horizontally, carry out alignment work and plumb accurately.

The product has three green 360° laser lines, a reference point directed downward on the right-hand front of the measuring device, as well as four beam intersection points (front, back, left, right and above) with a range of approx. 65ft/20 m. Range depends on the brightness of ambient light.

How long will the battery last?

Runtime will vary based on laser projection. The ability to select plumb, level or cross-line (both plumb & level) beams depending on the job at hand will determine the battery life. Max operating time is published at 12 hours, I have used the PM 30-MG enough for one battery recharge but the bulk of my use has been in the cross-line mode. The selection of beam projection is easily done with a single button on the side of the laser housing.

Hilti PM 30-MGSelf-leveling or Locked

The Hilti PM 30-MG can be set to auto-level or locked for use of setting slope. This is done with the sliding power button on the side of the unit. In the locked position the leveling pendulum is fixed allowing for grade or slope projection on a horizontal plane. Moreover, the unlocked (most used mode) will allow the pendulum to self-level. If the laser is not able to self level the projected beam(s) will blink rapidly until corrected.

The tool complies with Laser Class 2 in accordance with IEC / EN 60825-1: 2014 and in accordance with CFR 21 Sec. 1040 (FDA). These devices can be used without further protective measures. Nevertheless, as with the sun, do not look directly into the light source. If you do inadvertently look into the laser beam, immediately close your eyes and move your head clear of the laser beam. Do not aim the laser beam at persons.

Finally, the Hilti PM 30-MG is backed by Hilti’s 20 year materials and workmanship, 2 year wear & tear coverage and 1 day turnaround in the repair center warranty. The Hilti PM 30-MG laser was shared with mechanical-hub.com ProStaff member Eric Aune via Hilti’s tool lease program free of charge and will be returned after use required for full tool review. You can find more info for this and other Hilti products and tools on their website: hilti.com

Job site pics of the Hilti PM 30-MG

Aligning and setting laser elevation with the Hilti PM 30-MG
Hilti PM 30-MG beam projection at 40 feet

With a intended max working range of 65ft the line stays crisp at 40 in shaded daylight.

Hilti PM 30-MG beam projection at 80 feet

Same conditions and site as the 40′ measurement, at 80 feet the line is getting much thicker and less crisp.

Hilti Cross-line laser Hilti PM 30-MG

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