Home and Local Services Rebrands as “CAMP DIGITAL”

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CMM Platform Driving Increased Revenues for Home Service Brands, Double Revenue at Camp Digital Annually

Founded just four years ago in the expansive Home Services category valued at over $650 billion, the women-led Twin Cities-based digital marketing company formerly known as Home and Local Services has rebranded as “CAMP Digital.” The official announcement was made in Austin, Texas, at a special event hosted by CAMP Digital during the annual Super Meeting of the Nextstar Network. Last week, CAMP Digital also announced its expansion to the West coast after a new office recently opened in Portland.

The rebrand reflects how the fast-growth company is changing the way HVAC technicians, plumbers and electricians, roofers and others do business by offering them its proprietary software tools and process to better manage their marketing messages, ad spend online and service capacity more effectively and economically – in real time.

CAMP Digital offers its customers a Capacity Managed Marketing (CMM) platform, driven by its proven Capacity Protocol Optimization (CPOP) software, which gives companies a strategic edge in managing their marketing dollars and workflow. The innovative and disruptive B2B technology is heating up revenues for many North American brands/customers and experiencing its own electrifying growth.

Revenue has doubled every year since its inception by twin sisters and serial entrepreneurs, CEO Katie Donovan (nee Stapleton), COO Meg Stapleton and Chief Strategic Officer, and fellow co-founder Thom Johnson, a veteran marketing guru and the creator of CAMP Digital’s CMM platform. CAMP Digital’s CMM expertise also has made it a coveted Google Premier Partner, based in part on CAMP’s $70 million annual ad spend and its outstanding performance in home services. It was recently named to Inc. magazine’s “Inc 5000” for 2022 – placing at position 365 in its first year of eligibility.

“The dedicated customers we work with daily like Southern Trust Home Services, a family run and operated Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC business in Roanoke, VA., understand how CAMP Digital can positively impact their business,” notes Donovan. “We helped Increase their average customer tickets with better leads and overall lead volume/conversions to 43.72%. Most importantly, we helped them maximize the return on ad spend: Overall conversions across the entire account yielded an amazing increase of 176.98%! – and resulted in a 60.19% increase in revenue to the business for Q1 of 2022 vs Q1 of the previous year.”

“Our new name readily reflects who we are and what we can do to streamline our customers digital marketing investments and maximize their ROI,” adds Meg Stapleton. “CAMP communicates directly with our advertising engine to dynamically distribute compelling offers through digital channels that align with their current business needs in real time. This is particularly important in the industry we support, since home services is a very low interest, high intent category. The average consumer is in the market for less than 72 hours and expects / requires resolution quickly. So, when our customers like Southern Trust and others widely succeed, we do too.”

“Home Service companies everywhere live and die by calls coming into their call centers. But how consumers find them – and how fast service providers can respond – often determine whose trucks are on the road to revenue versus those idling on the street,” notes Johnson. “Our Capacity Managed Marketing (CMM) bundles dynamic lead generation, scalable website creation and marketing messaging. And it allows service providers to minimize ad spend, in a strategic package –hence the name CAMP — Capacity And Marketing Platform.”

“CMM simply delivers HVAC technicians, plumbers and electricians, roofers and others the flexibility to price higher – when demand is high – and to price lower when demand is down – in real time. The system also helps better control ad spend: If a company is at capacity, spending is dialed back, saving decision-makers money, time, and reputation.”

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