How Company Morale Transcends to Customer Satisfaction

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Unemployment rates in the trade industry remain low. While that’s good for workers and the economy, it makes finding quality new talent a challenge and means employee retention is more important than ever. An old saying teaches that “Employees don’t leave jobs; they leave employers.” A healthy work environment doesn’t just produce happy employees. It makes happy customers, too! At Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to have built a work culture that extends to our work ethic. It’s a model from which employees, management, and customers all benefit.

Our approach began, ironically enough, when unemployment was at an all-time high – early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, finding new team members was a challenge for a variety of reasons, so owner Paul Nebrasky did what so many business owners found they needed to do to keep the lights on during lockdown. He adapted.

Nebrasky began an initiative to retain good workers by hiring an internal brand ambassador who, in addition to representing the company, could consistently engage with employees. The position needed to be filled by a leader and natural communicator who could seamlessly integrate into our organization to facilitate new ideas, implement trainings, and make employees recognize that they are vital to our mission and our clientele.

It worked. Now, what began as adaptation to a crisis remains as an example of how employee moral goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction.

Employees who know they are valued by their employer are more motivated, attentive, and detail oriented than those who simply clock in to collect paychecks. Out team’s newfound sense of camaraderie amounts to a renewed sense of purpose, a responsibility to perform quality work not only for our customers but for the benefit of our collective – and for personal satisfaction, as well.

Company culture is part of an organization’s brand and says more than an advertisement can – and with fewer words. While our brand ambassador initiative began with an internal focus on our employees, it has had the effect of creating a multitude of ambassadors. When a motivated Nebrasky technician introduces themself at your door, they are introducing you to our team and our values. The face of a contented employee is the face of our company, and a job well done is our calling card!

Paul has grown Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling from a single plumbing truck to a multi-disciplinary plumbing and HVAC company with nearly 50 employees. When he took over his father’s business, he was a 23-year-old operating out of his house. That was 1988. Today, the company offers plumbing installation, service, and repair; new construction plumbing; heating; air conditioning; and home energy assessments to a nine-county market area – all from its office and warehouse facility in Monroe, NY.

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