HTP’s New Everlast Elevate Electric Water Heater Provides Flexible Solution for Homes with Demanding Hot Water Needs

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Flexible Capacity Unit Delivers Thermal Comfort from 55 Gallon Platform

Ariston Group’s Engineering and Quality teams introduce the Everlast Elevate, a new flexible capacity water heater from HTP. The unit delivers the highest output of any residential resistance electric storage water heater on the market after the enforcement policy covering electric water heaters greater than 55-gallons in NAECA III expires on Dec. 31, 2021. The Elevate combines energy efficiency, durability, and maximum comfort in one easy-to-install package.

The HTP Everlast Elevate residential electric water heater, developed in Ariston’s R&D center in New Bedford, delivers the same comfort homeowners expect from water heaters ranging in size from 55-gallons to 100-gallons from a 55-gallon platform. An adjustable thermostat paired with an ASSE 1017 certified mixing valve allows for safe and consistent temperature at the faucet while elevating the total amount of hot water available by safely turning the thermostat up to store water as high as 170°F. 316L stainless-steel construction allows the water heater to store more thermal energy, without the risk of premature failure due to corrosion.

Energy saving and environmentally-friendly hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) foam allows for better heater insulation and is non-ozone depleting with low Global Warming Potential (GWP). With more insulation where it matters most, the Elevate is designed for minimal heat loss when turned up to 170°F.

The HTP Everlast Elevate electric water heater comes with a lifetime warranty on the tank and up to six years on parts with online registration. 316L stainless steel tank construction, titanium heating elements, and a premium grade aluminum anode rod guarantee optimum corrosion resistance, extended tank life, and no rotten egg smell.

Units feature safety measures in addition to the ASSE 1017 certified mixing valve for scald protection, including a built-in thermal cutout thermostat for overheating protection. Units are certified to the UL 174 safety standard and are lead-free compliant, per the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The HTP Everlast Elevate is designed to fit in the footprint of a traditional 80-gallon electric water heater. The mixing valve comes installed on the product, so only inlet and outlet connections need to be established. Factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valves and brass drain valves expedite installation. The unit also has an easily established electrical connection.

HTP, a brand of the Ariston Group, has a wide range of highly efficient products and system components for space heating and water heating. Using the most durable components in the industry, HTP is synonymous with high-quality and long-lasting products that help customers save energy and money.

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