IFH/Intherm: Hygiene and Comfort for your House with GF Piping Systems

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The theme being “All about you”, GF Piping Systems presents itself as a system provider of products for drinking water applications at IFH/Intherm from 8 to 11 April 2014 in Nuremberg. The focus is on system solutions for all aspects of water from abstraction to distribution and all the way to the point of consumption, as well as the associated living comfort.

Requirements in terms of drinking water hygiene are steadily increasing. In order to reduce health risks from contamination and bacteria for end consumers, the drinking water must be transported with extreme care. Starting with planning and continuing on to installation of the piping system, the highest level of quality must be warranted throughout.

GF Piping Systems meets challenges posed by the new drinking water hygiene regulation with system solutions for drinking water installations and hygiene. On booth 7A.403 at IFH/Intherm GF Piping Systems showcases products for the drinking water distribution in buildings, from proven systems like the JRG Sanipex classic and MT to the innovative diaphragmalysis technology Hycleen Des 30.

Products from GF Piping Systems are valued by building services engineers and operators for their superior quality and easy installation and maintenance. End users appreciate having clean drinking water that meets the highest hygiene standards, as well as having a constant water pressure at every tapping point in the entire building.

As the living comfort is becoming an increasingly important factor in life nowadays, living space is supposed to be practical and comfortable. This includes aspects that people do not primarily perceive. GF Piping Systems makes this apparent to visitors at the IFH/Intherm with a sound booth in which they hear how different connection types and materials affect flow noise.

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