Industry’s First Tape Measure to Grip Round Objects

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Swanson Tool launched two tape measures designed to help builders and contractors improve their speed and accuracy.

The GripLine is the first tape measure designed to grip round surfaces, such as metal conduit, rebar, threaded rod, PVC pipe – from a significant distance, saving users’ time. Ideal for plumbing, electrical and framing pros, the patent-pending GripLine has the ability to hold rounded edges up to 2-inches in diameter.
The new ProScribe tape measure features a retractable 1-1/2-inch rigid scribe guide and centering pin to help contactors’ measure and mark to cut lengths and radiuses. The ProScribe integrates several valuable marking functions, including the compass-like ability to measure and scribe circles, as well as the chalk-line-accuracy to measure and mark/score straight lines. Users can also easily position a case knife or carpenter’s pencil against the tape’s metal tip to cut/score or mark the desired width.
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