InSinkErator® Evolution Series® Disposers

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Evolution Excel Mechanical Plumbing Hub

Evolution Excel by InSinkErator

Evolution Series food waste disposers feature MultiGrind® and SoundSeal® technologies, addressing the two most common food waste disposers issues – grinding ability and noise. These premium disposers allow users to grind nearly any food waste with significantly reduced noise. The entire product line is engineered to deliver performance and benefits that meet the needs of each and every consumer.

Evolution Excel® is designed for those who enjoy cooking, entertaining and having the very best kitchen appliances. The ultimate in performance, its three stages of grinding allow users to grind almost any food waste from rib bones and corn cobs to celery and potato peels without jamming or clogging. With ultra-quiet noise reduction features, consumers can even run the disposer while talking on the phone. The Evolution Excel features the InSinkErator seven-year We Come to You™ In-Home Parts and Labor Service Warranty.

Evolution Essential® is the ideal choice for a wide range of kitchens. Its technology offers a second stage of grind versus a standard disposer and is still quieter than a standard disposer. Evolution Essential features a six-year We Come to You® In-Home Parts and Labor Service Warranty.

Evolution Compact® is designed for smaller households, households who don’t cook as much, or those with restricted cabinet space. The space-saving design lets consumers grind even difficult foods and is quieter than a standard disposer. Evolution Compact features a four-year We Come to You In-Home Parts and Labor Service Warranty.

Evolution Cover Control® is for households looking for the added assurance of covered operation. With all the great features of the Evolution Series, Cover Control is activated by the magnetic CoverStart®, running only when the cover is on. With ultra-quiet noise reduction features, it offers a seven-year We Come to You In-Home Parts and Labor Service Warranty.

Evolution Septic Assist® is designed specifically for homes with septic systems.  The disposer features an automatic injection of Bio-Charge®, a natural microorganism to help break down food waste and is quieter than standard disposers.  The Evolution Septic Assist features a four-year We Come to You In-Home Parts and Labor Service Warranty.

​MultiGrind® offers two stages of grinding versus a single stage found in standard disposers. Its components include the GrindShear Ring®, Stainless Steel Grind Chamber and Components and a Heavy-Duty Dura Drive® Induction Motor.  Evolution Excel exclusively features a third stage of grinding with the Tri-Action Lug System®, Undercutter Disk® and Jam-Sensor Circuit.

SoundSeal® uses a combination of advanced insulation and anti-vibration components. Evolution Series disposers with SoundSeal technology are quieter than a standard disposer. This technology is comprised of an Anti-Vibration Mount®, Quiet Collar® Sink Baffle (antimicrobial), Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™ and SoundLimiter® Insulation. The Excel and Cover Control models feature Multi-Layer SoundLimiter™ Insulation which is comprised of multiple layers of open and closed cell material to further muffle and trap noise.


Racine architect John W. Hammes created the first in-sink food waste disposer in 1927, perfected it, patented it, and founded InSinkErator Company – the world’s largest manufacturer of disposers. At its 75th anniversary just a few years ago, InSinkErator celebrated with its 150 millionth disposer. Today, InSinkErator is the world’s leading manufacturer of food waste disposers, which are still made in its Wisconsin factories.

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