Introducing the sleek AURA HYBRID Heat Pump Water Heater

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AURA HYBRID, a new heat pump water heater from American Standard Water Heaters, delivers innovative technology from a trusted national brand. With five unique operating modes to suit a variety of needs, AURA HYBRID also comes with i-Memory, a habit-learning algorithm that ensures hot water when needed, and energy savings when it is not.

Quiet and efficient, with up to 4.01 UEF and a noise rating of just 49.1 dB, AURA HYBRID also features one powered and one magnesium anode rod for dual cathodic protection.

Available in both 50- and 80-gallon capacities, AURA HYBRID comes with a 10-year limited warranty and can operate at temperatures as low as 36°F.

For more information visit: AURA HYBRID

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