Jones Stephens Introduces PEXALGAS™

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Jones Stephens introduces PEXALGAS™, an innovative, multilayer PEX-AL-PEX solution that accelerates and simplifies gas piping installations. PEXALGAS™ is certified to International Fuel & Gas Code, International Residential Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, and meets ASTM and AS standards. As a result of the proprietary and unique design, PEXALGAS™ flow rates can exceed and outperform that of traditional gas piping methods, allowing for up to 60% reduction in material. Installation is approximately 50% faster than traditional gas piping methods, and it’s up to 50% lighter in weight.

The PEXALGAS™ multilayer system combines the positive features that are typical of crosslinked polyethylene PEX-b and those of aluminum, introducing excellent flexibility and malleability – fundamental features for accelerating and simplifying installation operations.

Its total resistance to corrosion, construction materials, and the principal chemical compounds allows it to be used in the most applications. The range of PEXALGAS™ fittings, accessories, and tools is particularly wide and allows all requirements to be satisfied.

Use of the PEXALGAS™ system is subject to state and local approvals. Confirm approval for use with the governing authorities for your project location before installing this product.

For more information:  Jones Stephens | WE GOT IT.

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