Jones Stephens Introduces Trap Seals

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Jones Stephens introduces our new trap seals, designed to prevent sewer gas odors from escaping infrequently used floor drains. Made with durable EPDM, they meet ASSE standards and are UPC approved. They can be used for new construction or retrofit applications.

As an alternative to trap primer, trap seals eliminate the need to pour water down the drain. They’re the ideal choice to minimize evaporation and odors in residential and commercial applications, as they prevent sewer gas leakage and mitigate backflow. The seal opens to allow the flow of drainage and closes when there is no flow.

Installation is quick and easy with no special tools required. Simply remove the drain grate, push the trap seal firmly into the drain throat, and replace the grate to complete installation. Jones Stephens’ trap seals are available in 4 commonly used sizes: 2”, 3”, 3 ½”, and 4”.

For more information visit Jones Stephens.

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