Kohler freestanding bathtubs

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The popularity of freestanding bathtubs has skyrocketed in recent years. They come in all shapes and sizes now and composite materials have taken the place of cast iron. The new Kohler composite material tubs were on display at KBIS/IBS in Orlando. The new composite material, which is a mix of crushed stone and resin allows for an almost unlimited variety of shape/design.

Since 1883 and the company’s entry into plumbing with the creation of its first bathtub, Kohler Co. has been a global leader in the design and innovation in the bathing category. Drawing from its vast knowledge and expertise, the company makes a nod to its heritage with the creation of its newest collection of freestanding baths with eye-catching lines and designs from contemporary to traditional. These freestanding baths provide homeowners a way to make a front-and-center statement of personal design and style within the bathroom space.

The simple, clean curves of the Ceric, pictured, convey a minimal craft shape with ceramic detailing, expressing contemporary warmth and soft appeal.

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