The KWC ZOE touch light PRO Combines Distinctive Design with Smart Technology and Sophisticated Functionality

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Featuring an interplay of light and water, the new kitchen faucet responds to a simple touch and encapsulates the best of Swiss luxury, precision and craftsmanship

KWC, a leading supplier of luxury kitchen and bath faucets, shower systems and accessories, has announced that the ZOE touch light PRO, an intuitive kitchen faucet controlled by a simple touch, is now available to consumers nationwide. The faucet’s signature is its touch-on / touch-off technology that changes the water temperature with the tap of a finger: 1-tap for cold water displays a blue LED light; 2-taps for warm water displays an orange LED light; and 3-taps for hot water displays a red LED light.  Additional features are: white LED lights that illuminate streaming water, Splendure™ stainless steel or stunning chrome finishes.

“Distinguished by its minimalist form and intuitive function, the ZOE touch light PRO is KWC’s latest innovation in smart-faucet technology,” said KWC Product Manager Lars C      hristensen. “Its perceptive design gives our customers the capacity to customize both temperature and flow rates for maximum convenience.” 

KWC’s ZOE touch light PRO exceptional features include:

  • Customizable settings: Use KWC’s innovative pre-set program to easily customize the water temperatures and flow rates to your ideal temperature and flow: 1-tap for cold water setting, 2-taps for warm water setting and 3-taps for hot water setting. This technology and precise functionality ensures safety from water that’s too hot or shock from water that’s too cold. Plus, every individual adjustment helps save energy and water.
  • luminaqua® LED-technology: When the mood strikes, activate luminaqua® – white LED lights that illuminate streaming water – to create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen. The light ring is integrated into the pull-out spray, making it seem invisible. The LED lights use very little electricity, have a long lifespan and automatically turn off after 30 minutes.
  • Pull-out hose and diverter button: Clean every corner of your sink with the hose, integrated into the spout, which extends more than 19 inches. The faucet’s high-quality metallic casing extends the life of the pull-out hose. Additionally, just one press of a diverter button changes the water stream from a full spray to a fine needle spray.
  • Easy to keep clean: The jetclean faceplate not only prevents limescale from building up on your kitchen spray, but it actually does some of the cleaning for you. When water is flowing, the cone-shaped holes on the faceplate expand, dislodging any stubborn limescale deposits. The holes go back to normal size when the water flow is switched off. If limescale deposits do build up on the faceplate of your faucet, simply use the faucet’s turn-and-clean fastening mechanism to manually – and easily – clean it.
  • Neoperl spray: The Neoperl aerator sprays a water-saving flow rate of 5 gallons per minute. KWC expects the faucets to earn the coveted WaterSense label without sacrificing performance or quality.

“This faucet brings a new level of luxury to the kitchen,” says KWC America President Gary Langbo. “A showpiece worthy of the most distinctive kitchens, the ZOE touch light PRO is both sculptural and smart. It reflects the timelessness, purity and performance of KWC’s exclusive Swiss water experience.”

The KWC ZOE touch light PRO, available in Splendure™ stainless steel or stunning chrome finishes, is sold exclusively at KWC showrooms across the country and for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) between $2,495 – $2,995 (depending on finish). For more information on the product, visit


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