Last chance for contractors to earn $500 rebates on Unico iSeries Heat Pumps

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Unico’s popular new heat pump, the iSeries outdoor unit with inverter technology, has become even more popular this fall and winter as contractors are taking advantage of a $500 rebate from the manufacturer. Unico has been sending U.S and Canadian contractors a $500 check for every unit they’ve sold this year between August 1 and December 31, according to Scott Intagliata, marketing director for Unico. The offer is available for both residential and commercial applications.

Intagliata says HVAC contractors like the outdoor heat pump’s high-efficiency ratings, as well as having the ability to match it to Unico’s high-wall splits or ducted units, or a combination of both, operating at the same time from one outdoor unit.

“The iSeries is the first and only multi-split product that combines the best of ducted and ductless technology,” Intagliata said. “This means you can give customers the advantages of the Unico System – even temperatures, no drafts, and small ducts for better aesthetics – along with high wall units to help solve design or construction challenges.”

The iSeries line has been well-received since its introduction a year ago. The outdoor unit achieves high SEER ratings when paired with Unico high-wall units or a combination of high-wall units and ducted units. The heat pump operates efficiently in a wide outdoor temperature range, from -25 degrees F to 122 degrees F. It features antifreeze protection and an intelligent defrost system, and is compatible with UniZone, Unico’s damper system for up to three zones.

The iSeries heat pump operates continually at various speeds, but never completely shuts down. The unit makes small, incremental changes to most efficiently meet the load request. In a traditional system, however, every time the system cycles on it must ramp up to full operating power, requiring a tremendous amount of energy.

“Standard HVAC systems are constantly cycling on and off, consuming a great deal of power. Inverter technology is so much more efficient and will really help customers reduce energy consumption and utility costs,” Intagliata said.

Unico introduced the iSeries in the U.S. in 2014 after it entered a partnership with Argoclima, an Italian manufacturer that has produced the high-efficiency HVAC line for several years. The iSeries combines the Italian-made outdoor unit with Unico’s American-made air handler and has found a strong niche in custom homes as well as retrofits in older homes.

The iSeries is available in four sizes from 1.5 to 3-ton capacities. The air handlers include the ability to heat with boiler heat as secondary heating source. No other inverter drive unit has this capability.

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