Lead-free brass shutoff ball valve package

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The Bonomi Group, manufacturer of the first lead-free electric automated shutoff ball valve package, is now offering a more advanced and compact lead-free package in the U.S. and Canada.  The new 8E864 Series package meets all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and is available in sizes 1/4-inch through 1-1/4 inches.

8E864 Series wLogoThe new lead-free package is powered by the Valbia® VB008 “Mini” quarter-turn direct-mount electric actuator. The VB008 measures just 4 3/4” long X 2 ¾” wide. It provides the most compact and reliable automatic flow control for a wide range of applications.

The standard 110 VAC motor with Class II insulation meets CE standards and delivers 71 in/lbs. of torque in horizontal or vertical installations. The waterproof IP 65 housing of the VB008 is constructed of flame-resistant plastic with O-ring seals at critical points. A manual override, anti-condensation heater, and a 100% duty cycle motor are standard.

An RB 250N LF full-port direct-mount ball valve completes the package and provides bubble-tight shutoff. It is is built with a forged lead-free brass body made without the addition of bismuth or silicon to replace lead in the brass. Bismuth and silicon, often added by other manufacturers to improve machinability, have been associated with valve failures and installation problems.

NPTF end connections are standard, as are the blowout proof stem, PTFE seats and double O-ring stem seals for leak-free service. Maximum working pressure is 600 WOG or 150 WSP. Maximum operating temperature is 366°F. The 8E864 is 100% factory tested before shipping. The RB 250N LF ball valve is also available separately in larger sizes from 2” to 4”.


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