Leak Defense System Detects Previously Unknown Leaks

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What the Customer Needed 

This homeowner from Riverwoods, Illinois spends a lot of time away from home. In order to have confidence that his home was protected while he was not there, he decided to get a plumbing leak detection system installed for extra peace of mind.


The homeowner hired Ravinia Plumbing in Lincolnshire, Illinois, to install The Leak Defense System®. Once it was in place, the system’s control panel showed that significant water was running constantly within the house.

The homeowner and the system installer walked the entire house inside and out looking for a leak, checking each toilet and all other potential leak sources. Three toilet flappers, which seal the opening between the water storage tank and the toilet bowl, were found to be leaking and needed to be replaced.

In addition, they found that a whole house humidifier had a bad solenoid valve (which controls the water flow from the reservoir to the evaporator system). Normally, the valve is closed until humidity drops below a set level. However, due to the faulty valve, water was constantly running through it. “We were NOT aware where or why [the leaks were occurring],” the homeowner said.

Installing Leak Defense 

Following a third incident when a hot water tank line sprung a leak in a pantry, the building maintenance engineer suggested several leak detection solutions to the Building Governance Committee. Among the suggestions was The Leak Defense System®, which the committee, chaired by Pusateri, ended up choosing.

The system contains several components. The first is a Leak Defense System® Valve, which is installed on the incoming waterline to each condo unit. Once installed, the automatic water shut-off control valve monitors water flow 24/7/365.

The second is a wireless touchscreen Control Panel in each unit, which allows residents to set the system to fit their family’s lifestyle needs. For example, if high-volume overnight water usage would be unusual, the Control Panel can send an audible alert if significant water is flowing in the middle of the night, and it can shut off the water intake. The Control Panel can also be connected to a third-party monitoring company to make sure an alert gets attention, even if the condo owners are away.


The toilet flappers were replaced, and a new humidifier solenoid valve was installed. Since the Leak Defense System® installation, the control panel has picked up no further leaks. Had these issues not been fixed, “each could have led to serious issues in the house,” the homeowner said and has reduced needless water waste at the home. The system has provided this homeowner the extra peace of mind his home is safe from plumbing leaks while he is away.

To learn more, visit LeakDefense.com.

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