Legionella Topic of Latest Aquatherm Video

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Sixth video in the Tech TV series presents pros and cons of various control strategies.

Lindon, UT — Preventing Legionnaires’ disease by controlling the growth of Legionella bacteria in water systems is the topic of the latest Tech TV video from Aquatherm. The video is available at https://aquatherm.com/videos/legionella.

Legionnaires’ disease is transmitted through inhalation of water vapor in which the Legionella bacterium is present. It can present a very serious health risk to susceptible populations. Sources in a building can include misters, humidifiers, whirlpools and spas, evaporative coolers, and open- and closed-loop cooling towers. The best means of controlling Legionnaires’ Disease is by eradicating Legionella from a building’s water supply.

Legionella Topic of Latest Aquatherm Video

In this Tech TV video, Jim Paschal, P.E., Chief Technology Officer, Aquatherm North America, evaluates the pros and cons of various chemical and non-chemical Legionella control strategies, including hyper chlorination, chlorine dioxide, monochloramine, copper-silver ion generation, heat, and ultraviolet light.

The Legionella video is the sixth in the series of Aquatherm Tech TV videos. Other topics have been mixed systems, temperature, pressure, flow rate, and support considerations. All Tech TV videos can be found here: https://aquatherm.com/video-library. All of the videos in the series are free and available 24/7.