Leonard Valve turns 100!

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Cranston, R.I. — Leonard Valve is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2012 as the leader in commercial, institutional and industrial marketplaces for all mixing valve technologies.
“I am the guardian of a 100 year legacy of providing safe, tempered water to the public,” says E. Niles Wilcox, president of Leonard Valve. “We endeavor to provide the best possible solutions for water temperature control, so we are continually improving our products and systems to meet the requirements of the 21st century. And, we plan to continue this legacy for many years to come.”
It all started when Frederick C. Leonard became concerned about the delivery of safe, tempered water. Little did he know that he would spawn an entire industry. He began producing his patented thermostatic water mixing valves near Providence, R.I. – where the company still manufactures today and Leonard’s original design has stood the test of time.
Within the first year, Leonard valves were installed and operating throughout the New England area in hospital buildings and anywhere tempered water was required. The company foundation stood on sound engineering principles and unsurpassed service. This level of dedication was passed on and carried through generations of Wilcox leadership.
Leonard has consistently developed innovative solutions, supported by uncompromising engineering, including:
• Leonard New Generation High-Low Systems solve oversized thermostatic mixing valve problems neatly and efficiently. These precise systems provide accurately mixed water from extremely low flows of 1 gallon per minute to over 200 gallons per minute.
• High-Capacity Systems serve complex installations that require large capacities of mixed water such as hotels, large prisons, apartment buildings or hospitals.
• Megatron® Systems solve virtually all of the problems associated with oversized and improperly piped thermostatic water mixing valves. These time-saving, integrated systems are prepackaged with it all – the dual valves, the outlet test connection, and balanced return piping and circulator. And it’s all mounted for fast, easy installation.
• Leonard offers a wide range of Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve Systems that provide mixed water within specific temperature and flow ranges for emergency shower applications, including drench showers, eye-face wash systems and combination units.
• Surfashower® Wall-Mounted Shower Systems are factory assembled with concealed piping, offered in thermostatic or pressure-actuated models, with compliant shower head/hand shower configurations.
• ECO-MIX™ lead-free mixing valves, which meet today’s stringent lead-free requirements, are constructed with robust, commercial-duty materials—not plastic—to ensure integrity and performance.
Leonard’s new Building Management System Interface was developed to meet the need for accurate, real-time temperature monitoring.
• The new LV980 Series valve designed for responsive control is a paraffin-based technology, which along with our bi-metal solutions, gives engineers complete integrated control for their water tempering designs.
For more information, www.leonardvalve.com.

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