LG Unveils Cutting-Edge Water Solutions Enabled by Advanced Heat Pump Technology

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Expanded Water Solutions Portfolio at AHR Expo 2024 Underscores LG’s Commitment to Providing Solutions that Maximize Efficiency and Promote Decarbonization

LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA is expanding its line of cutting-edge heat-pump-enabled HVAC water products at AHR Expo 2024. LG’s growing assortment of water solutions highlights the company’s dedication to delivering products that redefine comfort, prioritize energy efficiency and champion sustainability for residential and commercial applications.

Featured at AHR Expo 2024, the LG R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Monobloc system is the latest addition to the company’s water heating product lineup. This all-in-one unit provides ease of installation by seamlessly integrating indoor and hydronic components, using water pipes to eliminate the need for refrigerant piping. Powered by LG’s advanced heat pump technology, the R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Monobloc efficiently produces hot water for various applications, including space heating (baseboard heating, radiator, radiant floor) and domestic hot water. Incorporated noise reduction technology, such as an encapsulated compressor and vibration decoupling, operates at audio levels as low as 49B at a 1m distance.

LG’s R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Monobloc is engineered for year-round comfort, operating within versatile leaving water temperature ranges, covering cooling (41 to 80.6°F), heating (59 to 149°F), and domestic hot water (59-176°F) with a third-party booster heater. The unit maintains 100 percent heating capacity, even at 5°F outdoor temperature, with leaving temperature at 131°F, providing optimal performance in colder conditions. The product sets a new standard in HVAC innovation with reduced defrost cycles, extended operation time and intervals, providing a transformative experience in climate control for residential and light commercial spaces.

In addition to the LG R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Monobloc, LG maintains a robust lineup of advanced water solutions that exceed expectations in eco-conscious practices and technology. Developed to meet the evolving demand for electric alternatives, LG’s water products specifically prioritize efficiency, offering cost savings through reduced energy consumption, streamlined performance, and enhanced comfort by optimizing heat and cooling retention and distribution.

“As the landscape of commercial and residential spaces undergoes a dynamic shift, LG’s HVAC solutions keep pace with the industry’s demand for quieter, more intuitive, and more eco-conscious options,” said Steve Scarbrough, senior vice president and general manager, LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA. “Embracing electrification, LG remains committed to delivering a vibrant array of products, ensuring cleaner and more efficient heating and cooling experiences. Anticipating the spotlight at AHR Expo 2024, we are excited to showcase our high-performing HVAC products, embodying innovation and setting the stage for a new era of excellence in the industry.”

Visitors at AHR Expo 2024 can explore additional hydronic solutions from LG, further emphasizing the brand’s commitment to advancing HVAC technology for a sustainable and comfortable future. Additional hydronic show products include:

LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater

LG’s Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater emerges as a highly energy-efficient alternative to conventional water heaters, achieving an efficiency rating of up to UEF 3.93, surpassing ENERGY STAR® certification requirements. With potential energy savings of up to 76 percent compared to conventional electric heaters, the Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater, now available in 58- and 80-gallon capacities, minimizes reliance on supplemental electric resistance heat. Utilizing LG’s inverter heat pump technology and a Dual Inverter Compressor, it offers faster heating time in Turbo Mode and operates quietly. Aligned with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards, this water heater addresses the rising interest in electric alternatives amid efforts to promote environmental sustainability. Complete with LG ThinQ® technology, Wi-Fi capability, and smartphone control, it provides users with a unique and efficient solution.

LG High Temperature Hydro Kit

Also on display is the award-winning LG High Temperature Hydro Kit system. This system uses a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to produce chilled or heated water. The High Temperature Hydro Kit can be used to preheat domestic water stored in an indirect storage tank, snow melt, in-floor or other radiant heating systems. This system can be used in conjunction with the Single Phase or Three-phase Multi VTM Heat Pump or Heat Recovery outdoor units. The LG High Temperature Hydro Kit can deliver hot water up to 176° F.  The kit’s controllers allow flexible temperature management, and its compact design helps ease installation.

Engineers, contractors, distributors, and various trade professionals attending the world’s largest HVAC trade show can experience the latest air conditioning technologies and award-winning products and controls. Find comprehensive details about LG’s air conditioning systems portfolio at lghvac.com.

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