Little Giant Displays Wide Array of New HVAC Pumping Products at AHR 2016

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Franklin Electric Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: FELE), a manufacturer of complete wastewater and cleanwater pumping systems, will display a wide array of new HVAC pumping innovations at the 2016 AHR Expo in Booth 4842 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, January 25-27. The following is a preview of those products that will be showcased in the booth:

The new Little Giant® EC-1-DV Series Mini Condensate Removal Pump provides multi-voltage operation from one unit. The pump is designed to operate on residential and commercial voltages of 115V, 208V and 230V single phase. The EC-1-DV and EC-1K-DV accomplish this multi-voltage operation by sensing the supply voltage and providing only the right amount of power to drive the pump to produce precise and consistent pumping performance. In addition to this new feature, it includes all the innovative features of the existing EC-1 Series.

The new Little Giant® Speedi DuctTM line set duct and accessories cover, protect and aesthetically hide refrigeration line sets for both mini-split and ducted air conditioner systems. Available in the colors white or ivory, Speedi Duct naturally blends in against structures of similar colors or can be painted to match any exterior color. Multiple sizes of straight duct along with accessories, such as elbows, bends, caps, and joints, provide a flexible solution around any problematic location or application. In addition, Speedi Duct is easy to install. One of its primary features, the patented SpinFix™ clip and rail system, allows the contractor to quickly secure the line set, drain tubing and electrical wiring while the Speedi Duct covers are easily snapped on over the top. A variety of all-inclusive installation kits, including the new Flex Hose kits, also provide the contractor with everything needed to quickly and properly meet the need of the application.

The expanded VR Series line of vertical, stainless steel multi-stage pumps deliver water under pressure for HVAC applications. These booster pumps are now available in 3, 5, 9, 15, 20, 30, 45, 65 and 95 m3/h options with a flow range up to 600 gpm and 750 feet of total dynamic head (TDH). Each pump features all 316 stainless steel hydraulic components for optimum durability, efficiency and performance – even in corrosive water applications. Impellers and diffuser stages are fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel using advanced welding technology. The oversized ball bearing/coupler assembly eliminates the need for stack height adjustment and supports the axial thrust load. The elimination of axial thrust allows the VR Series pumps to utilize industry standard motors instead of the high-thrust motors commonly required in similar industry applications.

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