Little Giant® Introduces the Next Generation of Iconic 5-Series Submersible Utility Pumps

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Franklin Electric Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: FELE) recently announced the launch of the next generation of Little Giant® 5-MSP compact submersible utility pump. The new pump offers the same compact size yet features a new motor designed to boost the pump’s overall performance and efficiency.

The 5-MSP, originally launched in 1980, is considered a workhorse among landscape professionals, homeowners and hobbyists, who trust it for general water circulation in ponds, fountains, water displays and hydroponics. Among the most compactly sized and highest pumping capacities of any submersible pump on the market, it delivers proven power along with dependable operation.

Now, Little Giant is improving these iconic features with the next generation of the 5-MSP. “Our goal was to offer the same little stature that Little Giant is known for but create a bigger impact in terms of performance and value,” says Jeff Wilder, North American plumbing product manager. “The new 5-MSP is nearly identical in core features and aesthetics to the original, but at the heart of it is much more powerful and built for the future.”

This new “heart” is a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor that operates without oil–creating a more environmentally stable unit that is better suited for outdoor living applications. It also runs more efficiently, delivering the same or better pumping capacity than the original 5-MSP, but at greater depths, and offers continuous-duty rated for reliable 24/7 operation.

Core features such as the stainless-steel motor shaft and an epoxy powder coated aluminum body, mirror those found in the original 5-MSP. Also much like the original, the next generation of the 5-MSP is still the pump of choice to be used for any commercial, industrial, and home applications where water must be transferred or recirculated.

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