Lubrizol Invests in Stationary Natural Gas, Announces Two New Additive Solutions

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The Lubrizol Corporation has strengthened its commitment to the growing stationary natural gas market with the introduction of two new advanced 4-stroke low ash technologies: Lubrizol® SG9L01 and Lubrizol® SG9L20.Stationary natural gas is one of the world’s fastest growing primary energy resources, accounting for 24% of the global primary energy consumption and anticipated to increase 50% by 2040 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  Many market applications-including power generation, cogeneration, gas compression, biogas, landfill and more-have developed increasingly complex requirements for desired operation. Today’s stationary natural gas lubricants must optimize engine performance and provide:Extended service life for maximized uptimeRobust protection against the most severe gassesEnhanced reduction in harmful depositsAssured emissions compliance”Over the past decade, Lubrizol has dedicated significant resources and capital to the development of these highly advanced additive packages,” says Al Haas, Lubrizol global product manager, Stationary Natural Gas Engines. “We’ve made these investments because we know they matter-and through exhaustive screen testing, field trials and our deep industry relationships, we can confidently deliver on important needs of OEMs and engine operators.”Lubrizol SG9L01 delivers enhanced varnish and deposit protection at extreme temperatures, reduced combustion chamber deposits, improved copper corrosion protection and excellent wear protection with Lubrizol Hyper® ZDP Technology. Lubrizol SG9L20 offers these benefits and beyond, delivering breakthrough extended oil life for maximized uptime, improved maintenance interval planning and increased overhaul intervals.”Lubrizol’s advanced technology resources brought these products to life,” says Paul Nai, Lubrizol global business manager, Large and Small Engines “We’ve put novel chemistry to work in order to deliver higher performance beyond what has been seen before in stationary natural gas additive technology.”Lubrizol’s investment in stationary natural gas and its development of new additive packages reflect the company’s commitment to this important and growing market. Oil marketers acrossthe globe investing in the stationary natural gas market can count on Lubrizol’s unparalleled commitment to testing and its independent strength for advanced additive chemistry that better enables robust lubricant products. It’s how Lubrizol and its partners achieve Success Together.For more information on Lubrizol SG9L01 and Lubrizol SG9L20, visit or contact your account manager.

Source: Lubrizol Invests in Stationary Natural Gas, Announces Two New Additive Solutions – News Center – The Lubrizol Corporation

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