Marley Debuts Next Generation of Hidden Comfort, THX Series In-Floor Convection Heater

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Marley Engineered Products, a leader in high-performance, reliable heating and ventilation equipment, introduces the out-of-sight, out-of-mind UL listed In-Floor Perimeter Convector – THX Series heater, which delivers comfort, aesthetics and safety for the ultimate supplemental heat system for both new and existing buildings.

Offered by QMark and Berko brands, the THX Series directly addresses the building’s need for supplemental heat against the curtain walls and glazing, while fully integrating with the architects’ designed interior spaces. The unit drops directly into the floor, leaving only the grille visible, for unobstructed sightlines and more design space with which to work.

While THX can be installed in a small area for minimal disruption, it also features the highest output/cu.ft. of any pure convection, in-floor electric heater on the market today(1). With a comparable range of outputs as Marley’s above-ground convectors, THX comes with the added benefits of being virtually hidden.

“The Marley THX Series provides supplemental heat that’s out-of-sight and out-of-mind due to its zero vertical profile,” said Andrew Martin, Product Manager for Marley Engineered Products. “In-ground heating takes up less space, and THX units are the most compact in-ground comfort solution in their class(2), while still providing maximum heating performance.”

Keeping interior aesthetics intact, THX also helps open rooms up to natural light and outdoor scenery as it keeps windowed surfaces free from fog and moisture. The units ward off condensation by warming the interior side of curtain walls and floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The benefits of the THX Series go beyond clarity. THX units create an effective draft barrier that protects a building’s curtain walls, preventing the primary HVAC system from becoming overtaxed, and avoiding inefficiency and higher utility costs. The convection draft barrier improves overall HVAC performance with no fumes or exhaust for an environmentally-friendly heat solution.

THX units have been designed with durability in mind and include features focused on water and debris management – UL approved, sealed junction boxes and debris catch screens to name a few. “These product innovations, and more, are incorporated for THX to withstand busy foot traffic, cleaning, water and debris,” says Martin. “Whether units are installed in the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling, there should be an inherent piece of mind knowing you have chosen a quality, durable product, and the THX is no different.”

THX saves time, effort and money with modularized units that can be configured by one service professional for easy field connection, control and installation. Additionally, each and every unit is factory wired and preassembled for out-of-the-box readiness, drop-in installation, and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The frame, leveling legs and grille options are standard for all THX units, allowing for the choice of mount that best fits the install site. Options include flush or surface grilles, and three UL listed mounting styles, making it a highly versatile installation.

“The Marley THX Series is the ultimate in-floor convector for nearly any space where maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal is desired,” added Martin. “THX provides safe and comfortable heat to occupants, and is efficient and economical for building professionals and owners.”

The Marley In-Floor Convector – THX Series is available in multiple volt, wattage, and control configurations, with modular lengths beginning at 2ft.

To learn more about the Marley In-Floor Convector – THX Series, visit or locate the nearest Marley Engineered Products sales rep at

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