Milwaukee® Expands Copper Tubing Cutter Line with Close Quarters Solutions

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Building off the success of their recently launched Copper Tubing Cutters line, Milwaukee Tool introduces the addition of Close Quarters Tubing Cutters in 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1” sizes. The most compact cutters of their kind, they provide the smallest swing radius for access into spaces too tight for other cutters, and offer the longest life in the industry.

“When we launched our lineup of copper tubing cutters earlier this year, we focused on delivering solutions that have the very best durability and cut performance in the industry,” said Derek Rose, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Now we’re enhancing this line further by giving our users another option when they need to make cuts in the tightest spaces. So, whether they prefer the adjustability of our original Mini and Constant Swing Copper Tubing Cutters, or the even more compact nature of our new Close Quarters Tubing Cutters, we have a range of solutions that can accommodate the most common sizes of tubing our users encounter.”

Available in 3 dedicated sizes, the Cutters are able to cut through Type M, L, and K copper tubing. Designed with direction indicators so users can easily see which way to turn the Cutter, they also feature a directional grip to assist users during cuts when the area of work is difficult to see directly.

In addition, the Cutters feature chrome rollers for best-in-class rust protection when exposed to water. Weep holes on the top and bottom of each Cutter’s housing also allow water to drain from the tool.

For easier transport to and from the jobsite, the 3PC set comes in a hard carry case. This case has additional storage for replacement wheels and a reaming pen – allowing users to keep necessary accessories in one place without sacrificing productivity to search for the right tool.

With the introduction of the Close Quarters Tubing Cutters, Milwaukee Tool demonstrates its commitment to delivering hand tool solutions that increase productivity and are built to withstand even the toughest jobsites. With a base of tools already used by plumbers and HVAC professionals, and the launch of several game-changing solutions in 2016, Milwaukee will continue to build upon this commitment by providing a complete plumbing lineup to solve key user frustrations. This will also include additional expansions to their Copper Tubing Cutters line.

Close Quarters Tubing Cutters

Close Quarters Tubing Cutters

Copper Tubing Cutter Offerings

48-22-4250      1/2” Mini Copper Tubing Cutter

48-22-4251      1” Mini Copper Tubing Cutter

48-22-4252      1-1/2” Constant Swing Copper Tubing Cutter

48-22-4255      Reaming Pen

48-22-4256      2pc Replacement Cutter Wheels for Mini and Constant Swing Cutters

48-22-4257      3pc Replacement Reaming Blades for Constant Swing Cutter

48-22-4260      1/2” Close Quarters Tubing Cutter – NEW! ($19.99)

48-22-4261      3/4″ Close Quarters Tubing Cutter – NEW! ($21.99)

48-22-4262      1” Close Quarters Tubing Cutter – NEW! ($24.99)

48-22-4263      3pc Close Quarters Tubing Cutter Set – NEW! ($49.99)

48-22-4266      2pc Close Quarters Tubing Cutter Replacement Blade – NEW! ($9.99)


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