Milwaukee Expands Storage Solutions with Bucket & Parachute Organizers

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Milwaukee Tool continues to expand their Storage Solutions with the addition of a new Parachute Organizer Bag and Bucket Organizer Wrap. Built to address the common user frustrations with versions currently on the market, these new storage solutions were designed to offer the very best function, durability and organization options that professionals need every day.

Parachute bags have long been popular for their ability to carry a large amount of fasteners or materials to the jobsite or task. Despite their popularity, parachute organizer bags available today suffer from three common inefficiencies: 1) By design, it’s difficult to access the contents inside and they have a tendency to fall over, 2) They’re not stackable, and 3) They are not weather resistant.

To address these user concerns, Milwaukee constructed its new Parachute Organizer Bag with significant functional advantages. Its ‘stand up, stay open’ design allows for full and easy access to all of the bag’s contents, while an external zipper pocket provides quick access to hand tools, bits and other accessories. Designed with stacking in mind, users have the added benefit of being able to easily carry multiple bags at once. A water resistant, reinforced base also prevents the bag from water damage and allows it to stand up at all times, for easy access and visibility.

For users who have long enjoyed utilizing their own buckets for storage, Milwaukee has designed a new Bucket Organizer Wrap. Bucket organizers on today’s market typically sit inside the bucket, which can cause awkward weight dispersion and a decrease in usable space. Milwaukee’s Bucket Organizer Wrap fits entirely around the outside of the bucket, freeing the space inside the bucket and allowing bucket lids to be used. Integrated zipper pockets along the wrap provide easy storage for larger sized tools (such as batteries) and loose accessories, while 30 additional pockets give the user the convenience to store a wide assortment of hand tools and materials. Constructed of 1680D ballistic material, the wrap can stand up to even the toughest jobsite conditions. For added benefit, it also comes with a bucket handle wrap for comfortable carrying.

Part of a growing line of storage solutions from Milwaukee, the new Parachute Organizer Bag and Bucket Organizer Wrap will be available at select retailers in April of 2016. Dedicated to delivering advanced solutions to increase productivity, Milwaukee’s Storage category will continue to grow and offer user-driven innovative solutions for the trades.


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