Milwaukee Introduces Line of Adjustable Wrenches

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Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its Hand Tool offering with a new line of adjustable wrenches, including 5 standard wrenches and 1 wide jaw wrench. Built from the ground-up to provide best-in-class performance, as well as maximum versatility and comfort, the adjustable wrenches feature a new-to-world, proprietary adjustment screw to deliver jaws that won’t back off, maintaining grip on fasteners.

“The number one user frustration with adjustable wrenches are jaws that loosen or “back off” during use. Therefore, one of the most important considerations users have when choosing an adjustable wrench is the interaction between the adjustment screw and the wrench jaws,”  said Bobby Shaw, Director of Marketing – Hand Tools. “Milwaukee engineers designed a proprietary adjustment screw with more threads and tight tolerances, so that when a user tightens the wrench jaws to a fastener, they can be sure that the jaws won’t back off during use.” In addition to the 5 Standard wrenches, Milwaukee is introducing its 8” wide jaw adjustable wrench which features the jaw capacity of a 12” wrench combined with its compact 8” length for maximum versatility in confined workspaces.

Milwaukee adjustable wrenches feature an ergonomic handle design for a comfortable fit in the hand, chrome plating for best-in-class rust protection and increased durability, and dual laser etched ruler markings for fast, easy-to-read fastener sizing.

Available in March 2016, the new adjustable wrenches confirm Milwaukee’s unrelenting commitment to listening to its users and providing solutions that solve key industry frustrations, while increasing jobsite productivity. All are backed by Milwaukee’s limited lifetime warranty.

Adjustable Wrench Model Options

48-22-7400      2 PC. Adjustable Wrench Set 6” & 10”
48-22-7415      15” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7412      12” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7410      10” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7508      8” Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7408      8” Adjustable Wrench
48-22-7406      6” Adjustable Wrench


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