Milwaukee Introduces M12 M-SPECTOR FLEX SYSTEM with PIVOTVIEW Camera Head

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Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its M12™ offering with the introduction of the new M12™ M-SPECTOR FLEX™ SYSTEM. Designed from the ground-up to give users the versatility they need, the new recordable inspection camera features an innovative PIVOTVIEW™ camera head cable that gives users full control of the camera head for faster positioning. “Anyone who has used an inspection camera can relate to the frustration of trying to feed a cable just right while watching what is happening on the screen,” said Ben Cabot, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Whether it’s trying to position the camera head, being able to see further, or keeping the display in viewing position, the M12™ M-SPECTOR FLEX™ System solves the biggest challenges that have frustrated users for years – delivering the easiest and fastest way to inspect on the market.” The game-changing PIVOTVIEW™ camera head pivots 270° with the turn of a dial. Users have complete control over the positioning of the camera head throughout the entire inspection, without the need to feed a cable multiple times – saving time and frustration. To better illuminate an inspection area, a state-of-the-art LED is built into the camera head that is 15X brighter than other inspection cameras on the market. Together, users can see more, easier and faster. Many inspection cameras available today require the use of extensions for longer distance inspections like drain lines or HVAC ducts. These extensions cause bulky, inflexible connection points that can make it extremely difficult to maneuver the camera through tight spaces. The M12™ M-SPECTOR FLEX™ System is the only camera system on the market with a 9’ cable, giving users extended reach without the need for extensions. The 12.5mm (.49”) diameter and shortened camera head length gives users easier and greater access to tight spaces than 17mm cameras. A 3’ cable is also available for various applications. A wireless 3.5” LCD display screen allows users to comfortably view images in any position from up-to-15’ away. Capture best-in-class images with a 640 x 480 camera sensor and digitally rotate and zoom images for the ideal view. Users can also easily save and transfer images from the M-SPECTOR FLEX™ console with the included 8GB SD card or Micro-USB connection port. The M12™ M-SPECTOR FLEX™ System is perfect for remodel inspections, facility maintenance, machinery and production lines, and residential or commercial trades where documenting inspections is essential. Powered by REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, the new M12™ M-SPECTOR FLEX™ System leverages Milwaukee’s M12™ battery system’s runtime and easy field replacement to eliminate downtime. By using the M12™ battery, the tool is compatible with the entire Milwaukee M12™ System of over 70 professional power tools. Models and Specifications M12™ M-SPECTOR FLEX™ 3 ft. Inspection Camera w/PIVOTVIEW™ (2317-21) – Available in July

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