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Packout Organizer with Copper Fittings Aune PlumbingIt’s time again to review the Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System. Since the introduction of the Packout system in 2017 with 8 different pieces, the storage and tool box team over at Milwaukee Tool has been working seemingly non-stop to add an additional 38 products to the storage and organization system.

The Foundation

Milwaukee constructs the Packout system boxes from impact resistant polymer. Our introduction was the foundation of the system appropriately named the  Rolling Tool Box

Packout rolling tool box 48-22-8426

With an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance this wheeled box stores medium size tools like a recipe saw, circular saw or rotary hammer drills. This was the box that set the foundation for expansion into items like lights, vacuums, additional parts organizers and more.


Packout is way more than a couple tool boxes and organizers. The whole system is designed around it’s unique, intuitive quick attachment mechanism. This system allows the stacking and interlocking of one tool box, light, lunchbox cooler, radio, vacuum (and more) to to one another.

Its this plumber’s opinion that the latching/stacking/locking system is what first attracted trades workers, hobbyist and business owners alike to the system initially.


The continued popularity of the system can be attributed to new product expansion in the Packout line. With no clear end in sight, we have seen the addition of the Rolling Tool Chest, XL Tool Box, 2 & 3 drawer boxes most recently.

You may have seen the tour of my plumbing van outfitted in Packout on our Youtube channel, if not check it out here: Plumbing Van Tour

Possibilities are Endless

Packout enthusiasts have taken to the CNC and 3D printers to produce countless modifications for the system BUT lets not forget that the possible configurations built in to this system from the design and engineering dept at Milwaukee Tool are a huge part of its continued success.

My most used, most relied on boxes are the parts organizers boxes. In each size offering I am using them to store and transport copper & steel pipe fittings, electrical supplies, valves, screws & fasteners and more. For me the Deep Organizer and original Organizer are the heroes in which I depend on daily.

Drawer Units Video

Bottom Line

As you take a look at some of my videos and pics posted over the last few years you’ll see I’m all-in on the Milwaukee Packout System. I’ve bee asked countless times to compare to the Dewalt or RIDGID offerings of similar boxes and that’s a tough one but its obviously important so I’ll just come out and say it, no BS, the Packout system is the best for durability, diverse offering and overall usability across multiple trade professions.

RIDGID’s offering is very limited and is only available thru the Home Depot. Dewalt has switched product lines completely, more than once without continuity across product lines. This is frustrating for those already invested in one system and not able to integrate new products into their arsenal.

While the Packout system may cost more than others I truly believe its worth the additional monies. This opinion was formed over time, after breaking competitor boxes in the extreme cold weather I encounter each winter and after working with these boxes literally every day on the job.

What I like most about the system is the extreme durability and modular adaptability from my van to the shop to the job. Not a single box, bin, latch or lid has let me down for functionality. That to me is saying a lot, I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars (okay, thousands actually) investing in this system, its made me more organized and that improves my daily life.

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