Milwaukee Tool M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE XC6.0 Battery Pack

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During the Milwaukee Tool Pipeline influencer event, the company announced the M18 REDLITHIUM FORGE XC6.0 Battery Pack, which delivers HIGH OUTPUT 12.0 power in a smaller size, 15-minute supercharge up to 80%, and the longest life vs REDLITHIUM batteries. REDLITHIUM FORGE are Milwaukee’s most powerful, fastest charging, and longest-life batteries.

The REDLITHUM FORGE XC6.0 delivers the same power as the M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 in a smaller size and lighter weight design. The optimized combination of size, weight, and increased power provides the best solution for power-demanding overhead work and tight work areas.

The REDLITHIUM FORGE XC6.0 is the fastest charging battery pack within its class on M18, charging in just 15 minutes to 80% with the new M18 Dual Bay Simultaneous Super Charger. This lithium-ion battery has the longest life, the most recharges, and the best performance over the life of the battery.

This solution is designed with resistant housing for increased protection against exposure to common oils, greases, and solvents. Built-in REDLINK Intelligence protects the battery from overloads, preventing you from damaging your cordless power tools in heavy-duty situations. The REDLITHIUM FORGE XC6.0 battery is fully compatible with 250+ M18 solutions.