Milwaukee Tool REDSTICK Box Levels

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Milwaukee® REDSTICK™ Box Levels Deliver Industry-Leading Durability & Guaranteed Accuracy.

Milwaukee Tool has once again delivered innovation to a core category of tools aimed at the professional building trades with the introduction of REDSTICK™ Box Levels. Designed with an All-Metal Backbone™ that reinforces the box level frame and new-to-world, SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology, REDSTICK™ Box Levels are the most durable and easy to read layout solution for professional tradesmen – delivering precision accuracy within 0.029 degrees.

“Broken vials, bent frames and damaged levels are a major frustration for users across the building trades. We set out to eliminate common level failures by focusing on new-to-world innovation and technology that delivers advanced durability and leading accuracy to give users confidence on the jobsite,” said Ryan Schwoegler, Group Product Manager. “With the introduction of REDSTICK™ Box Levels, we built a solution for the tradesman who expects their level to embody the Milwaukee® promise of ‘Nothing but HEAVY DUTY.’”

Critical to the REDSTICK™ Box Levels’ durability is an All-Metal Backbone™ which produces the strongest frame in the industry and eliminates common frame deformations seen in box levels. The Backbone™ reinforced frame also creates a more secure and protected vial setting to protect accuracy and prevent damage or loosening. High-density, removable endcaps protect the frame and provide better access into tight spaces.

For the very best readability and visual accuracy, the new Box Levels feature SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology. Black bands on the vials create high contrast edges that make the magnified bubble easier to read and deliver precision-grade accuracy. Built to withstand challenging jobsite conditions, SHARPSITE™ vials are engineered with high-impact acrylic which delivers 10X more durability than the standard competitive block vials and protects the accuracy over the life of the level. With the launch of REDSTICK™ Levels, Milwaukee will also introduce a Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee. In the unlikely event that the end user experiences an issue with vial accuracy, the level can be replaced.

All magnetic models include amplified rare-earth magnets which provide maximum holding power in common metal applications. Precision milled measuring surfaces on the top and bottom guarantee accuracy in all working positions.

For users who require a smaller profile box level, Milwaukee will also introduce REDSTICK™ Compact Levels. Built on a compact box level frame, the levels are designed for tight access use or jobsite installation applications with smaller working surfaces.

All new REDSTICK™ Levels are designed to meet the needs on the jobsite and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Milwaukee will continue to grow in the layout & measurement space by providing premium, pro-driven solutions that offer industry-leading performance, innovative features and increased durability.

Available Models


  • 16” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX16) – $59.99
  • 24” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX24) – $79.99
  • 32” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX32) – $94.99
  • 36” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX36) – $99.99
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX48) – $129.00
  • 59” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX59) – $159.00
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX72) – $189.00
  • 78” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX78) – $209.00
  • 96” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX96) – $249.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Box Level Set (MLBXS48) – $169.00
  • 78”/32” REDSTICK™ Box Level Jamb Set (MLBXJB) – $249.00


  • 16” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM16) – $69.99
  • 24” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM24) – $89.99
  • 32” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM32) – $109.99
  • 36” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM36) – $114.00
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM48) – $139.00
  • 59” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM59) – $169.00
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM72) – $229.00
  • 78” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM78) – $229.00
  • 96” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM96) – $279.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Box Level Set (MLBXSM48) – $179.00
  • 78”/32” REDSTICK™ Box Level Jamb Set (MLBXJBM) – $279.00


  • 24” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level (MLCM24) – $49.99
  • 24” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM24) – $64.99
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level (MLCM48) – $69.99
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM48) – $89.99
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level (MLCM72) – $99.99
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM72) – $119.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level Set (MLCMS48) – $129.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level Set (MLCMSM48) – $139.00


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