Monitor Properties with Leak Defense System

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The Leak Defense System continuously monitors your properties for hidden leaks and automatically shuts off the water and alerts you if one is detected. Easily control the water flow using the on-site control panel or access it on the go with the mobile app.

With multiple ways to monitor, you’ll always feel protected against potential loss, expense and hassle from water damage. Our full line of accessories allows Leak Defense to work with any type of residential or commercial plumbing system.

The Leak Defense System:

  • Installs easily with your existing plumbing
  • Monitors your flow with the most sensitive detection technology available
  • Alerts you immediately if potential flood conditions are detected and shuts off the water supply
  • Can stop water flow in a specific zone, or to your entire building until you can assess the situation, stopping damage in its tracks.
  • Is fully customized to fit your unique plumbing system. Point of leak detectors (POLDs) can be added for an additional layer of protection in places with a high risk for flooding.

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