Must-Haves for Your Contracting Business’s Website

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All kinds of contracting businesses benefit from having an effective website to showcase their services.

Websites serve as a business’s online headquarters, where site visitors can learn more about your company, what you offer and if your services will suit their needs. Believe it or not, 97 out of 100 people will visit a local operation’s website to learn more about it.

Home service contractors may feel frustrated that they aren’t getting enough leads to keep their business running.

It may be because they haven’t done enough word-of-mouth marketing or their website is just not up to par. For these reasons, your business needs to create a website that measures up to your competitors and attracts potential clients.

Here are some of the essential components you need to consider incorporating into your website to generate leads, provide ample information for potential clients and gain business from your local community.

About Us/Services Page

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your website should have an “about us” section, as well as one that outlines the services you offer to your clients. You should put yourself in visitors’ shoes and answer any questions they have about your services.

For example, New York City-based West Village Contracting has a few sections on its website explaining its story and its services, so clients don’t need to search hard to find it.

Inquiry/Contact Forms

It’s important to offer site visitors an opportunity to ask questions about your business through inquiry or contact forms. They are an attractive component of any website, but especially for contractors. This is because many of your clients may have specific questions about a particular job they need done.

However, having an inquiry form alone is not enough — you’ll need to ensure that one or more of your employees spend dedicated time answering these client questions. For example, Cabex Construction has a specific contact section where clients can input their name and contact information and provide details about their remodeling project.

Testimonials Section

How will potential clients know about your services and reputation without hearing about other client experiences? It’s essential to have testimonials on your contracting business’s website for this reason. They prove to your clients that you’ll work hard to earn their trust.

For instance, Penco Electrical Contractor’s contact section offers plenty of testimonials from sources that will speak to the company’s performance and overall reputation. Having client references shows potential customers that your business is the one they should choose for all their home improvement needs.

Service Location Map

A service location map shows your clients the region you operate in. People who aren’t sure you’ll service their needs can view your map to determine what areas you cover.

Advanced Builders and Contractors in California has a drop-down menu on its homepage that lists all the regions it works in. It makes the task of selecting the right contractor for the job easier.

Consider these examples and the types of elements you need to include on your website to ensure you’re generating the most leads and attracting clients in your region.

Attract Visitors and Generate More Leads With a Stellar Website

Your website is your online headquarters, which is why you need to ensure it builds your reputation as a business. Potential customers will browse the internet to find contractors, so you should consider using these components to score high on a search engine results page and draw people in.

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