NASCAR legend Bobby Allison’s water heater replacement

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NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Bobby Allison is no stranger to life in the fast lane. By the end of his racing career, Allison had accumulated 84 credited victories. This includes winning the Winston Cup and the Daytona 500 not once, but three times.

At 78 years old, Allison lives a little slower paced life in Statesville, North Carolina. Now retired, he spends his time around home when he’s not helping his grandson Robbie launch his race career. With the added time at home, Allison has time to enjoy amenities around the house, many of the same amenities that are important to non-racing legends, including plenty of hot water. When his water heater began to fail in June 2015, he wasted little time finding a new solution.

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Heading up the replacement of Allison’s old water heater was Robbie Clark of North Meck Plumbing of nearby Huntersville, North Carolina. Clark, a veteran of the industry, has sustained his career of 31 years by abiding by one simple but often overlooked rule: provide top-notch customer service.

“We depend on lasting relationships,” Clark explained. “That’s why we work tirelessly to provide our customers with high quality, reasonably priced solutions.”

premier-hybrid-electric-heat-pump-50-gallon-electric-water-heaterThe solution to Allison’s hot water replacement was a State 50-gallon Premier® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump water heater. Having installed three to four State units a week for the last 30 years, Clark was confident that this unit would effectively service Allison’s 3,000 sq. ft. residence, which includes two-and-a-half baths, a kitchen, and a laundry room.

“I’ve tried nearly every State product, and regardless of the type of model you prefer I find them to be superior to everything else on the market,” said Clark. “From manufacturing to support services State has made customer satisfaction a top priority, and that’s something that results in loyal buyers.”

As an ENERGY STAR® qualified product, the 50-gallon Premier Hybrid Electric Heat Pump is one of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market. With an energy factor of

2.75, homeowners can save an average of $392 per year compared to standard electric models.  In addition to the savings delivered by utilizing heat pump technology, this unit features premium features such as a user-friendly display, vacation mode, and a heavy-duty anode that protects the tank for up to 10 years.

A typical day of hot water usage in the Allison household includes showers, laundry, dish washing and more. The new State unit has no problem providing plenty of hot water for the Allison home. While daily showers, quick runs of the dishwasher and a few loads of laundry a couple times a week are the norm, Allison finds comfort in knowing that his water heater can handle times of high demand.

“I’ve worked hard, both personally and professionally, to see to it that things were done correctly. And choosing a State water heater is further evidence of that,” said Allison. “It’s just a good piece of equipment that will do the job and do the job right.”

In Memory of Judy Allison — November 7, 1941–December 18, 2015


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