Navien NFC Combi Boiler: First Look

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We get our first in-depth look at the new Navien NFC

We stopped at Navien’s booth at the AHR Expo to look under the hood of the new Navien NFC combi-boiler using Navien’s own firetube heat exchanger.

Take a look at the video to see some details and specs, one thing that surprised me right away was the included accessories. For contractors looking for high amounts of hot water production, a low head loss heat exchanger for easier piping on the hydronic side and additional features like remote connectivity it looks like the NFC is worth checking into. You can find more details and specifications on Navien’s website or here in our new product listings on Hydronics Hub.

All the bells & combi boiler whistles

The new Navien NFC combi boiler models come with a patented in-house designed and manufactured heat exchanger, Low Profile Burner for ease of service, advanced controls offering intuitive user navigation, a built-in DHW module (pump, flat plate heat exchanger, 3-way valve, mixing valve, water adjustment valve and auto water fill valve), common venting capability up to 8 units, cascading capability up to 16 units, and built-in hardware to connect up to 3 zone pumps without a need for additional external controllers.

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