NDS to Showcase Its Sustainable Stormwater Solutions at StormCon 2016 in Indianapolis

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High-performing, easy-to-specify stormwater management solutions are flexible and scalable for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications


NDS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of drainage and stormwater management, products and solutions for both residential and commercial applications, will be showcasing its stormwater chamber, channel drain and permeable paver system products at The Surface Water Quality Conference & Expo (StormCon 2016).


Aug. 22-25, 2016


Booth #301

Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225


Highly flexible and scalable, NDS stormwater management products can be configured to meet a wide variety of applications and are engineered for high performance to meets today’s stringent regulations for managing stormwater as close to the source as possible. NDS products also align with Low Impact Development regulatory policies and are easy to specify.

At StormCon 2016, NDS will be showcasing three lines of products:

  • Water chambers: Triton Stormwater Chambers by NDS are subsurface structures that are used to collect, retain and discharge stormwater. Made of a soy-based resin that makes them stronger, lighter and more durable that comparable products, Triton chambers are a large-capacity, lower-cost alternative to drainage pipes for conveyance and cumbersome concrete structures, and eliminate the need for restrictive holding ponds that require use of valuable land area.
  • Channel drains: NDS channel and trench drains are durable and effective solutions for sheet-flow drainage in applications ranging from light foot traffic to heavy vehicular traffic. These include various commercial, industrial and municipal drainage uses, and residential uses such as swimming pools, spas and patios and tennis courts. Made of durable polyolefin parts that are lightweight and easy to install, NDS system components are chemically-resistant, rust proof and feature UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking from the sun.
  • Permeable pavers: NDS Tufftrack grassroad pavers and EZ-Roll grass and gravel pavers are sustainable, high-performing alternatives to traditional paving methods. Made of 100 percent recycled plastic and easy to install, NDS permeable pavers create a strong and durable grass or gravel surface that can support heavy vehicles, maintain permeable surface areas, naturally filter stormwater, and reduce or eliminate runoff that can pollute waterways.


Brent Neubauer, manager of business development for NDS’s S5 Sustainable Stormwater Solution products, will be on site to demonstrate NDS products and answer questions.

About NDS Inc.:

NDS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of stormwater management, landscape irrigation and flow management products and solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, Calif., NDS is a proud member of the NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology. For more information about NDS, visit, www.ndspro.com and follow on Twitter: @nds_pro.


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