New Faster and Easier Quick Clip for Stiffening Hanger Rods in Seismic Zones

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Vibration & Seismic Technologies Introduces the Faster, Easier
Quick Clip™ for Stiffening Hanger Rods in Seismic Zones

Vibration & Seismic Technologies (VST), a leading manufacturer of seismic-related construction products, introduces the new patent pending Quick Clip™ hanger rod stiffening device, which significantly reduces time and effort for mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors. Used with strut to vertically stiffen hanger rod, the Quick Clip™ installs in seconds with no tools required.

“Stiffening of hanger rods is required by Code in the vast majority of construction projects located in seismic zones, as well as most projects throughout the U.S. that are federally owned, regulated or funded,” says Dan Duggan, Sr., Vice President of Product Development at VST. “The Quick Clip™ installs faster and easier than any other rod stiffener in use today, resulting in drastically reduced total installed costs.”

The single-component, stainless steel Quick Clip™ snaps into the strut and secures it to the rod with no bolts or tools needed. It can be installed in less than 5 seconds. The Quick Clip™ is currently available in two sizes, for use with 3/8” and 1/2” hanger rod. Additional sizes will be available soon. For more information and to see a video demonstration, visit

About Vibration & Seismic Technologies (VST):
VST offers a wide range of products and services to the construction industry for projects with seismic requirements. Products include the popular color-coded Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing system for non-structural building components, as well as rod stiffeners using strut or pipe, and a wide range of vibration isolators. The company also provides seismic calculations and complete seismic engineering services. Learn more at


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