New Freezeless Roof Hydrant Cuts Maintenance Time, Labor and Material Costs

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PRIER Products, Inc., launched another new product at its Kansas City production campus. The new freezeless roof hydrant is designed with a piston-style displacement system. It requires no winterization or drain line, which saves installation time, material, maintenance and labor costs.

Roof hydrants have become more common on top of commercial facilities for cleaning air conditioning condenser coils, cooling towers and solar panels. There has also been a rise in rooftop gardens and greenspaces requiring water. There’s no need to pull heavy hoses up ladders which cuts down on potential injuries.

“We realized there was a better way to design a roof hydrant that cuts down on installation costs while providing facility owners peace-of-mind when the winter season hits,” said Research and Development Manager, Scott Brady. “Our team of engineers evaluated various options on the market and went to work on making a roof hydrant that exceeds expectations of facility owners, managers and specifying engineers.”

The new P-RH4 Sanitary Roof Hydrant requires just a single penetration in the roof and comes with a sturdy bracket that attaches to any structural member with rigid support. It offers a high flow rate of 10 gallons per minute, bucket catch and lockable lever handle. The roof hydrant is code approved to ASSE 1057 and NSF 372 lead-free standards.

“The P-RH4 roof hydrant is another innovative product from PRIER and helps round out our commercial plumbing line of products,” said President, Nick Manning. “We’ve seen an immediate demand from customers around the United States and Canada, and expect the momentum to continue as we roll out more products in the next quarter.”

All of PRIER’s commercial products are listed in MasterSpec for specifying and product information by engineers, contractors, architects and facility owners. BIM and REVIT files are available on

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