New Little Giant 6EC/10EC Series High Energy Efficiency Pumps

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Offers Lower Current Draw, Higher Energy Efficiency & Improved Performance

Franklin Electric Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: FELE) offers the new Little Giant® 6EC Series and 10EC Series pumps that provide lower current draw, higher energy efficiency, and improved performance in sump, dewatering, water transfer and light effluent applications. These new units feature cast iron covers and a polypropylene base that includes the stainless plate. Additional models are now available with a durable cast iron base providing increased intake area, reducing intake velocities and clogging potential. The 1/3 hp 6EC Series consumes only 5.0 amps while producing 53 gpm at 5 feet of head and reaching a maximum shut-off of 28 feet. The 1/2 hp 10EC Series touts a full-load rating of only 6.5 amps and produces 67 gpm at 5 feet of head with a maximum shut-off of 36 feet.

A replacement for the 6EN/10EN platform, the 6EC and 10EC Series pumps are designed for continuous duty, feature permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors with thermal overload protection, handle solids up to ½-inch (12.7 mm) in diameter, and have a 140-degrees Fahrenheit (60-degrees Celsius) liquid temperature rating. All 6EC and 10EC Series models include a 2-year warranty and are offered with the reliable Snap-Action Float Switch (SFS) featuring rugged stainless steel switch arms.

2016 marks Little Giant’s 75th Anniversary as a leading pump manufacturer of plumbing, HVAC, dewatering, utility and other various pumps. For more information, visit

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