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Franklin Electric Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: FELE) offers the new Little Giant Pit+Plus® Basin as an advanced, installation and service-friendly sewage basin option for plumbing contractors. The Little Giant Pit+Plus features a monolithic top to separate and promote the three key areas of a sewage package – the pump, switch and plumbing connections which can be accessed independently. Still offered with the common float switch, the system was recently redesigned to incorporate the extremely reliable and new ECM™ (External Control Module) switch option. It contains a ‘bell’ inside the basin to monitor liquid level for switch operation outside the basin, isolated from the liquid.

“We listened to the contractor and designed innovative features that isolate areas of the system for ease of installation and service,” says Scott Stayton, Director of Portfolio Management for Franklin Electric. “The ECM switch reduces any chance of water intrusion, which can result in switch failure. No moving switch parts inside the basin eliminates failure from water intrusion and hang-ups, thus creating a more efficient resolution to a common industry challenge.” This innovative package also incorporates molded-in discharge and vent ports, allowing contractors access to the pump or switch independently without disrupting the plumbing connections – saving time, money, and mess.

Additionally, the Little Giant Pit+Plus features a more durable ‘finish’ cover to protect the system during rough-in. It can be cleaned after installation for an aesthetically pleasing permanent look. The new Little Giant Pit+Plus also maintained the features that contractors expect from the previous model, such as: a molded inlet hub, molded anti-torque stops, a 360-degree molded handle, an integrated anti-floatation collar, stainless steel fasteners, and optional alarm versions.

The new Little Giant Pit+Plus is offered in both Senior (24” x 30”) and Junior (24” x 24”) sizes with a 44-gallon total capacity, equipped with a Little Giant 9SN or 10SN Series ejector pump.

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