New Valvin Toilet Tank Fill Valve Detects Leaks & Water Loss Before Damage Occurs

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A new intelligent toilet product just hitting the market offers an effective and affordable solution for anyone who has ever been subjected to a constant-flowing or over-flowing toilet.

The Valvin unit is an electronically controlled valve actuator that can be integrated with any s tandard toilet tank fill valve to relieve the mess, stress, damage and costs of a malfunctioning toilet.

This patented intelligent valve is designed to turn off water flow in toilets when any abnormal activity is detected: an open flapper leak, a fill valve leak or even a silent flapper leak, and more.

If water begins leaking in any part of the toilet, the Valvin springs into action turning off the toilet fill valve regardless of the water level in the toilet tank.

Check out the Valvin in action here:

It also sports a multi-color LED which will indicate by color light the location in the toilet tank to where the leak is located.

The Valvin prevents water waste, keeps water bill costs from spiking and prevents expensive water damage to any home, apartment, business or public restrooms with tank toilets.

The unit is design to go into any one piece or two piece toilets and works with single flap per or dual flush toilets.

The Valvin unit ranges from $49.95 – $59.95 and is available at:

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