NIBCO® 585HP High Performance Ball Valves

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The NIBCO® 585HP High Performance Ball Valves represent a giant leap in innovation in the ball valve market. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free 585HP full port ball valve line allows for easier installation, adjustability, and long service life. It’s the only two-piece full-port bronze ball valve with a 1,000 CWP and 150 SWP pressure, and an operating temperature up to 250° F.

Features include a reversible handle, triple sealed stem, large accessible packing nut, and our patented laser-welded construction.

Reversible Handle

The handle is reversible by moving the stop pin from one location to the other, eliminating the need to re-install the valve due to an unforeseen handle swing obstruction. This valuable time- and money-saving feature is designed for prefabricated sub-assemblies which are produced off-site and valve handle modification is common during installation.

Triple-Sealed Stem

The 585HP is triple-sealed, with two elastomer O-rings as the primary and secondary seals. The PTFE packing is the tertiary seal and is compressed by a large and easily accessible packing nut.

Large Accessible Packing Nut

Most adjustable wrenches will fit easily under the handle. This new configuration allows the PTFE packing to be serviced and replaced in the future. No special packing wrench required.

Laser-Welded Construction

The laser welding process used on the 585HP is the same high-tech manufacturing technology used in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. A high-intensity laser beam is focused right at the body to body-end joint, which melts the bronze alloy material at the seam. The seam then re-solidifies as a high strength, welded part.

The 585HP is available in sizes ranging from ½” to 4” with configurations including threaded, solder, and press. All 585HP valves have the following listings and certifications: MSS-SP110/145; IAPMO/ANSI Z1157; NSF/ANSI/CAN 61-8 Commercial Hot 180° F; NSF/ANSI 372; ICC-ES PMG-1558 and ASME A112.4.14/CSA B125.14.

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