Noritz NRCP Condensing Tankless Water Heaters Couple High Efficiency with Programmable Hot-Water Recirculation

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The new NRCP line of residential tankless water heaters from Noritz America combines the high efficiency of condensing technology with the comfort and savings of hot-water recirculation. A circulating pump inside the water heater keeps hot water close to the outlet, minimizing the wait and, therefore, the waste of unused potable water down the drain. Saving water, in this case, is doubly beneficial, because recirculation also avoids wasting the energy used to heat that water.

Using the integral digital display on the front of the water heater, homeowners can program the recirculation system to operate only when needed, with a precision down to the hour. An alternative, “auto” setting allows the system to quickly “learn” a household’s water-usage routines and automatically control the recirculation loop activation times, allowing for immediate hot water when it is needed most.

High efficiency for larger homes: Part of the Noritz ecoTOUGH™ Series of gas-fired residential tankless water heaters, the NRCP98-DV and the NRCP1112-DV have an Energy Factor of 0.95 for both natural gas and LP gas. These ratings are more than 10 points higher than that of a comparably sized, conventional tankless unit, and approximately 30 points higher than a standard, tank-type gas-fired water heater.

  • With a maximum input of 180,000 BTU per hour (BTU/hr), the NRCP98-DV has a maximum flow rate of 9.8 gallons per minute (gpm), making it generally suitable for homes with up to two-and-a-half baths.
  • The NRCP1112-DV, with a maximum input of 199,900 BTU/hr and a maximum flow rate of 11.1 gpm, is suitable for homes with up to three and a half baths.

Each unit delivers water from 100°F to 140°F, with a minimum flow rate for activation of 0.5 gpm.

How recirculation works: Recirculation is accomplished through a combination of an integral pump and temperature sensor and the home’s water-distribution system. The recirculation control works by monitoring the temperature of the water exiting the heat exchanger inside the water heater.

  • When exiting water reaches the maximum cutoff temperature, the recirculation pump shuts off, which also shuts down the burner.
  • Both remain off until the water temperature falls to the minimum cutoff — or there is demand for hot water — at which point they reactivate until the maximum cutoff level is attained again. Homeowners can choose whatever minimum cutoff temperature best meets the comfort and energy-saving needs of their households.

Warm water returns to the tankless unit from the various outlets in a home via one or more recirculation loops. The maximum loop run from the tankless unit is 200 feet for 1/2-inch pipe; 500 feet for 3/4-inch pipe.

Easier, less costly venting: Using a half-inch gas line up to 120 feet in length, the NRCP98-DV and the NRCP1112-DV can be vented with PVC or CPVC pipe. With two-inch PVC, vent lines can extend up to 50 feet; with three-inch, 100 feet. (See adjacent box.)

“Condensing technology results in lower flue gas temperatures, permitting the use of plastic piping, which is less expensive than the Category III Stainless Steel venting required by conventional tankless units,” explains Noritz marketing manager Jason Fleming. “The zero-clearance plastic piping provides greater installation flexibility, as well as a lower installation cost, for the plumbing installer.”

Two other key features further simplify and speed installation:

  • Two units can be quick-connected and then vented through a common termination point, saving installation material as well as time.
  • There is no need for extra dipswitches to accommodate different vent runs.

No buffer tank needed: Unlike some condensing units, the NRCP98-DV and the NRCP1112-DV do not need a built-in buffer tank to stabilize water temperature at the outlet. Not having to maintain a reservoir of hot water inside the unit further saves energy. “Hot water on demand with no storage whatsoever is what tankless technology is all about,” says Fleming.

Measuring 17.3 inches wide x 27.6 inches high x 14.8 inches deep, both units are equipped with a gas leak detector and a water leakage cutoff. Other key features include:

  • BUILT-IN DIGITAL DISPLAY: In addition to controlling operations, the integral digital display permits basic servicing without the need for a remote device. Located on the front panel, this readout assists in the troubleshooting by indicating flow rates, tem-perature and common error codes.
  • 12-YEAR WARRANTY: Like other ecoTOUGH models, the NRCP98-DV and the NRCP1112-DV protect the environment by heating water strictly on demand, while offering a longer product life cycle than storage tank-type models. The warranty for each unit is 12 years on the two heat exchangers, made of long-lasting, high-grade stainless steel; five years on parts; one year on labor.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY OPERATION, COMPONENTS: Both models promise lower emissions, reduced electrical consumption, smaller amounts of potentially hazardous construc-tion materials, and easier recyclability of those materials and components once the product is removed from service.

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