Noritz Streamlines Website’s Menu Navigation to Better Serve Residential and Commercial Markets

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New Mega Menu simplifies navigation for contractors and homeowners by clearly defining topics and interests relevant to each group.Share

Noritz America has updated its website ( with a more robust navigation menu that allows the user to quickly and easily reach his or her particular browsing goals.View / Download Release  MS-Word (.doc)  Text (.txt)  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)View Image Gallery“We wanted to streamline our users’ browsing experience to make it easier to find what they are looking for at a glance,” says Andrew Tran, Marketing Supervisor at Noritz. “Previously, it had taken longer to find specific items because information was more scattered, whereas now we offer a clear ‘table of contents.’”The revamped menu contains six items, each containing a dropdown menu of subtopics.Navigation menu items include:Residential: Contains all relevant information for homeowners interested in switching to tankless water heaters. Users will find educational literature, product rebate and warranty information, as well as the Noritz blog.Commercial: Contains all relevant information for commercial facility managers and owners. Case studies, product literature, plumbing diagrams and Revit files are available to assist the decision-making and design process.For Professionals: Contains all relevant information for contractors and installers, including technical literature and support, how-to videos, a sizing calculator and a distributor directory.Products & Accessories: Contains information on the various products and product categories Noritz has to offer, such as high and middle efficiency heaters, the CB Combination Boiler and accessories.About Us: Contains general information about Noritz. Users can view frequently asked questions about the company and products, showroom locations, press materials and social media channels.How to Buy: Contains information for purchasing a Noritz product, including an installer locator tool and contact information for a free consultation.The new menu contains “built-in redundancy,” or multiple ways to get to the same content. For, example, homeowners can find out how to buy and find an installer from anywhere on the website. This ensures that users always quickly find the most important information.For more information on the full line of Noritz tankless water heating products, visit You can also telephone us at 866.766.7489 or e-mail us at

Source: Noritz Streamlines Website’s Menu Navigation to Better Serve Residential and Commercial Markets

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