NoteVault Offers Construction Companies Free Accounts for Plumbing Subcontractors

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One Team. One Report. program delivers opportunity to increase transparency and decrease administrative costs.

NoteVault, a leading provider of mobile reporting solutions announced today the launch of a new program designed to increase transparency, while reducing administration costs of managing subcontractor reports on large, complicated building or engineering projects. The new program One Team. One Report. enables construction companies to invite subcontractors to contribute project documentation to any project within their account at no cost to either the contractor or the subcontractor.

“General and Specialty Contractors face a significant dilemma regarding how to effectively manage subcontractors’ reports on complex projects, without creating an administrative nightmare,” said Jeremy Foster, Chief Marketing Officer for NoteVault. “In a recent survey of our customers, we found that 85% of contractors stated that they would like their subcontractors to report directly into their NoteVault account. Therefore, we created this new program designed to increase transparency and decrease administration costs associated with project documentation.”

The One Team. One Report. program enables subcontractors to post notes, photos and labor to any project at no cost, no matter how many subcontractor companies are working on the project. Each subcontractor is allocated an individual NoteVault account. NoteVault links the subcontractor project to the construction company project report. This results in a professional daiy report, including all subcontractor notes collated for easy reference, delivered every day or on demand. Plus, subcontractors receive their own reports for their work.

John Roshala, Vice President of Sales for NoteVault said, “We’ve offered this program on a test basis to several of our larger accounts and they have seen reduced administrative cost with their subcontractors being able to enter labor data directly to the project report using the Activities app.” He added, “In addition, contractors now have increased visibility into the daily work their subcontractors are performing on their projects. They receive one complete report of work perP formed on site, differentiating NoteVault from alternative reporting software, including those that are built into construction project management platforms.”

A NoteVault Account includes:

• NoteVault Daily Reporting Platform
• Notes! app for Android or iOS
• Activities Labor, Materials and Equipment app for Android or iOS
• Immediate notification of incidents/accidents through keyword notification
• Collaboration with colleagues using the comment feature
• Professional human transcription (available for an additional charge)

For more information, visit For more information on the One Team. One Report. program, call 858-755-9800.

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