Nyren by Mansfield Plumbing Products 

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Ultra-hygienic toilet with built-in washing nozzles debuts as bidet popularity surges in U.S.

While they’ve been used around the world for over 300 years, it took a global pandemic and historic toilet paper shortage for many Americans to discover the benefits of bidets. Now, as the popularity of the hygienic bathroom fixtures soars in the United States, Mansfield is rising to the occasion by introducing its first-ever toilet with a built-in bidet attachment.

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Dubbed Nyren, the toilet features an electronic seat equipped with a self-cleaning spray nozzle offering five adjustable spray positions. The toilet’s washing functionality, including rear wash and feminine wash capabilities, reduces the need for toilet paper and offers users hygienic benefits not available with paper-only cleaning methods.

“We’re excited to help introduce bidet toilets to Americans with the debut of Nyren,” said Stephanie Radebaugh, sanitaryware product manager at Mansfield. “Bidet attachments have an array of hygienic benefits, and we look forward to helping people live a healthier, happier and greener lifestyle.”

Additional features include six different adjustable settings for water, air dryer and seat temperatures. Along with stationary and motion wash modes, as well as three water pressure levels, the user can easily customize their most comfortable experience with a wireless remote control.

Beyond Nyren’s extensive benefits for personal hygiene, the toilet also advances sustainability efforts. With a high-efficiency flush model that allows the user to choose full- or half-flush while washing and rinsing the bowl twice, Nyren saves both water and money. The use of a bidet also substantially decreases the reliance on single-use products like toilet paper and drastically reduces the amount of paper waste directed to sewers and landfills.

Aesthetically, Nyren’s sleek and contemporary design offers a modern style while remaining universal enough to fit the décor in most bathrooms. An LED light inside the bowl enhances convenience for nighttime visits.

Nyren is available through wholesale distributors and direct for consumers on Lowes.com. To learn more about Nyren and all of Mansfield’s product offerings, visit https://www.mansfieldplumbing.com/nyren-smart-toilet/.