Oatey Co. Launches Social Media Ambassador Program, a Partnership with Influential Plumbing Professionals and Brand Loyalists

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Program builds upon Oatey’s robust social media community to build connections with Oatey’s end users

Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1916, today launched its Social Media Ambassador Program, partnering with influential plumbing professionals and Oatey brand loyalists to promote Oatey’s products across social media platforms.

As Ambassadors for Oatey in the field, program participants will champion the Oatey family of brands (including Oatey, Dearborn, Hercules, Cherne and more), creating unique multimedia content to be shared across social media and other digital platforms. Each Ambassador will receive a curated kit of Oatey-branded gear, including Ambassador-exclusive swag. They will be provided with a range of products to support their day-to-day work, will be among the first to know about new-product launches, and will have the chance to try new products firsthand. Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to travel to Oatey’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, for a two-day Ambassador event.

Danielle ‘Twig’ Browne

By amplifying the Oatey brand across the Ambassadors’ social media platforms, the Ambassador program will build upon Oatey’s robust, highly engaged social media community. The 2021 class of Oatey Ambassadors includes experienced licensed plumbers Danielle Browne, Trey Young, Alex Gouin, Omar Harris and Bobby Drescher, collectively representing a diverse range of plumbing backgrounds and years of unique application expertise from across North America.

“Oatey’s social media community is a special place, and our Ambassador program provides an opportunity for us to further expand our footprint and grow our relationships in that space,” says Katherine Lehtinen, Senior Vice President, Brand and Digital Marketing. “We’re honored to partner with five, exceptionally talented individuals in our inaugural class of Ambassadors, and we’re looking forward to seeing them represent Oatey through their unique perspectives and experiences.”

A new class of Ambassadors will be selected each year. Individuals interested in becoming a future Oatey Ambassador can submit their information on the Oatey website for consideration.

For additional information about Oatey’s Social Media Ambassador Program, visit www.oatey.com.

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