OmegaFlex® introduces new lightning fast fitting for its TracPipe®CounterStrike® CSST

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Exton PA. December, 2013 – Omega Flex Inc. the leading manufacturer of CSST Gas Piping systems is introducing another first of its kind CSST innovation.

The new patent pending AutoSnap® straight fittings are the only CSST fittings that do not require any disassembly or reassembly of the fitting to the TracPipe®CounterStrike® CSST.


This greatly reduces installation difficulty and time as there are no small loose gaskets, O-rings, or retainer rings to contend with in a dark and/or cold work place environment!

AutoSnap is CSA listed, manufactured from brass and features a metal to metal cup seal without any exposed stainless steel pipe behind the new fitting. Reduced torque value and reusability all make for an optimum installer friendly fitting!

AutoSnap will be available the first quarter of 2014 in the following sizes: 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1”.

David Richardson, RNC Manager for Weather Master Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. whose company participated in the AutoSnap testing trials stated the following;

“We have been using your product for over 14 years and value the quality of the product and your advancements that your company has done to improve your products over the years. After reviewing your newest addition to the TracPipe family, I am excited about the convenience it will provide during installation. This product is another example of your dedication to providing quality products and looking for ways to make improvements and finding ways to make installation easier and more user friendly. I think that this new edition to your product line will be another reason that your product is the best in the market and contractors will be excited about the results.  I look forward to the release of the new fitting.”

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