Philly Plumbing Pro Packs Plunger on Steroids

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“I grab two things when I leave my truck: my flashlight and my VersaPlunge”.

That’s Michael Williams, Field Manager for Just Drains LLC – the “the Number 1 drain cleaning company in Philadelphia” – on the revolutionary new plunger from General Pipe Cleaners.

“It’s what pros use,” he quickly adds. “And it’s what we recommend!”

Williams knows what he’s talking about. With six expert crews, Just Drains LLC serves Southeastern Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Harrisburg. And their seasoned professionals demand maximum performance from all the tools they have.

Innovative New Plunger Design

With its patented, extremely pliable VersaFlange™ cone, the VersaPlunge® plunger easily conforms to nearly any shaped toilet bowl opening, creating a tight seal in virtually any toilet design.

Williams pulls no punches: “It works better than any other plunger on the market. Period.”

Traditional plungers, by contrast, have hard rubber round cones – incompletely and loosely sealing the bowl drain, risking messy, germ-laden splash-back.

“VersaPlunge gives both the suction and tight seal you need,” Williams notes. “Where you put it, VersaPlunge stays.”

Extra Performance When It Counts

“Its remarkable,” he continues. “You don’t get any back-pressure – and no blow-back. If you push down on a conventional plunger, it can actually collapse on you – and you gotta fight to bring it back up.”

Not with VersaPlunge, he declares.

General’s innovative tool sports a convenient relief valve in the handle to minimize overflow. And its super-compressible, accordion-style bellows lets users apply extra force on stubborn stoppages.

“VersaPlunge comes back up – and actually ‘breathes’,” Williams contends. “As you push down, it stays in place – gives what you need to get the full plunge each time.”

For More Than Just Toilets

VersaPlunge is extremely versatile, too.

Roll up the VersaFlange end – and make a flat bottom to clear sinks, tubs, and other drain openings.

“You can use in floor drain traps to make sure the trap doesn’t have debris in it,” said Williams. “If it still holding water you can plunge it to get it open without using the big machine.”

That’s why many professionals carry extra VersaPlunge plungers to handle a range of problems.

“The flexibility of the handle and bellows lets you precisely position VersaPlunge for maximum performance,” he explains. “It’s good in sinks with a fixed faucet. If you can’t move the spout, the accordion style bellows let you flex the handle to the side and plunge effectively from an angle. You can’t do that with conventional plungers.”

The Bottom Line

Michael Williams thinks “every drain cleaning and plumbing professional” should carry a few VersaPlunge plungers for a range of stoppages.

He says that VersaPlunge helps clear clogs faster than old-fashioned plungers do – and keeps surroundings cleaner.

“With VersaPlunge, you’re not just getting a plunger – you’re getting the plunger!” he smiles. “VersaPlunge is like a plunger on steroids!”

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