Pittsburgh Contractor Understands Not All Closet Augers Are Created Equal

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All closet augers are created equal. Right?

“Wrong” says Alan Trout of Trout Plumbing LLC in Pittsburgh, PA.

“Most off-the-shelf closet augers lack the durability, spring action, and special features professionals need,” he argues. “You can’t just waltz into Wal-Mart for one.”

That’s why Trout counts on a pair of popular, innovative Teletube® Flexicore® closet augers from General Pipe Cleaners.

Versatility And Reliability Count

The heavy-duty Teletube Flexicore closet auger remains the industry’s most durable auger – and excels at clearing stoppages just beyond the bowl.

That’s because General’s rugged tool carries three extra feet of Flexicore® cable telescoped inside the guide tube.

“I just push the button for extra cable length when I need it,” Trout says. “And with a total reach of six feet, there’s usually no need to pull the bowl!”

General’s Flexicore closet augers are the ideal for quickly clearing clogged toilets. The strength and durability of Flexicore cable make the difference.

Flexicore comprises two layers of tempered spring steel coiled tightly over a core of 49-strand wire rope – for remarkable resistance to kinking.

The design is so tough, it’s guaranteed against breakage for a full year – including damage to the cable, as well as to the closet auger’s other components.

Performance – Inside And Out

On one recent job, a homeowner unsuccessfully tried unclogging a three-inch cast-iron stack – after feeding 25 feet of cable into the line.

“The customer must’ve missed the stoppage – or his cable was too small,” Trout recalls, “because I extended Teletube to six feet upon arrival – and quickly cleared the clog!”

Teletube’s extra reach even lets Alan Trout clear outside stoppages.

On another job, the powder room toilet in a two-room home office suite suddenly backed up.

After unsuccessfully snaking the drop head Teletube through the bowl, Trout went in through the outside fresh-air vent – and immediately got things flowing.

“That extra three feet made all the difference,” he smiles.

Special Features Enhance Appeal

He likes General’s down head option, too.

The optional down head follows bowl contours – and springs through sharply angled passages while protecting inner walls from chipping or breaking.

Alan Trout also has an optional Closet Auger Bag. General’s convenient carrying case puts an end to dragging dripping closet augers though homes, hospitals, and offices.

It keeps a closet auger contained and out-of-sight between jobs. Three vent holes let the auger dry between tasks. And thick shoulder strap keeps hands free to carry other tools.

“Until I got the bag, I’d carry a bucket with the Teletube,” Trout chuckles. “General’s Closet Auger Bag enhances ‘professional’ appearance – and keeps customer property clean.”

Building Trust – Job After Job

From installations and repairs to leaks and stoppages, Trout Plumbing handles a wide range of problems for Pittsburgh-area customers – both commercial and residential.

“On every job, we aim to build a level of professional trust that turns new customers into lifetime customers,” Trout says.

Proper equipment operation helps makes the difference, he quickly adds. But he isn’t afraid to push his Teletube closet augers to the limit – inside and out.

Part Of The Drain Cleaning Arsenal

For most inside drain cleaning jobs, Trout favors General’s classic Super-Vee® hand-held machine.

“I use it at least once a week – if not more – on 1-1/4” to 2” lines,” he notes.

In fact, Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, tub, and laundry drain lines up to 3” in diameter. With a dependable motor, durable aluminum drum, and tough Flexicore cable, Super-Vee withstands the most demanding small line tasks, and keeps working.

Convenient, quick-change cable cartridges also make Flexicore cable switching clean and easy.

“With 3/8” cable, my Super-Vee was actually able to snag – and remove – a broken cable in one customer’s slow-draining line,” Trout recalls. “And that solved the problem!”

The Bottom Line

Like Teletube closet augers, Super-Vee carries an almost legendary reputation for rugged reliability – and longevity.

“I actually bought my Super-Vee from a plumber with excess equipment when I first went into business,” he continues. “So I’d say it’s nearly 15 years old – and still works great!”

His Teletube closet augers work great, too.

“As a plumbing service contractor, I use Teletube toilet augers from General,” Trout concludes. “The Teletube can almost do it all!”

For more information, contact the Drain Brains at 800-245-6200, or visit https://drainbrain.com/en/products/closet-augers-2/

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